Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Another birthday......

Yes I've been blogging for 3 years today...... wow.... where did the time go?
I really didn't think I would last this long & although I've been a bad blogger of late I still enjoy reading what you've been doing & thinking about how I'm going to share my exciting times with you.

I've always been into crafts but in the last 3 years I've really got going..... thanks to blogger! 
I now sell my things online & at craft fairs. I've also set up Make, Do and Mend to encourage other crafty folk!

And that's where I'm off this evening

It's the Big Knit again, this will be the 3rd year I've organised it....tonight I have 33 people booked in!!!
It's all the 3's today!!!
I'm hoping this year we can hit the 100 mark :)

I will be back to share the results

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Funny old week!

Once again I've been away too long! 

Last Sunday we closed the door of Habitat for the final time.
It was a sad day & I confess I shed a few tears

I was trying to pull myself together when a lovely couple came in with these beautiful flowers!

One of the last customers out the door wanted to make a complaint about a member of staff's customer service.... can you believe it! She wanted head office address so she could could get the member of staff removed from the store.... Good luck!
So that was it, my last few moments in the store that I've worked in for nearly 17 years.... thanks for ruining it love!!!

Monday & Tuesday we were back at it....... we had to clean the store....everything had to go!

We left about 6ish on Tuesday & after one final walk around I left the building

Once again I cried...... Then it was off to the pub!

We had our leaving party on Friday..... it feels odd at the moment like I'm on holiday & I have to keep reminding myself I won't be going back :(

I'm so thankful I have another job so I don't have to sign on..... too many forms!

Saturday morning saw me bright & early heading off to Debenhams in Exeter to sell our poppies we've been making at Make, Do and Mend. It was a long day but we raised nearly £400!!!

So that was my crazy week..... now I have 3 weeks off to relax & try to get my head around my redundancy form!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

August 2011

2011 is marching on & I'm feeling that summer has come to an end.
With only 2 post in August I didn't have many photo's to chose from!

It's official.... I'm old!!! On Tuesday 30th I turned 40 :(
Having taken 4 days off from work to party I now feel I should've stayed in & drunk tea..... are hangovers always this bad in your 40's?!!

Things have move very fast since my last post, we now have an end date..... Sunday 4th September will be our last trading day then we go in & clear the store & finish on Tuesday 6th September.
I can't believe that it's coming to an end..... even though we knew we were closing it's still upsetting. I hope I don't cry too much over the next 6 days :(

But the good news is...... I have another job! I start in Laura Ashley as assistant store manger for the homeware department on Monday 3rd October! This was the interview I mentioned in a previous post. I couldn't really turn it down as it would look great on my CV..... Athena, Habitat, Laura Ashley...... what's next? John Lewis? I hope so! This job is only for a year so will buy me time until they open.

I return to work tomorrow..... no doubt to find an empty shop! I have to work the last 6 days so I'll be back next week...... wish me luck!!!