Friday, 23 August 2013

Cat Cafe

3 weeks ago I headed off with my friend to Totnes to the new cat cafe....

It hasn't been opened long but for some strange reason everyone was telling me about it..... anyone would think I'm a crazy cat lady!!

 The couple who run it are lovely & we stayed for nearly an hour chatting!
A mug of tea is a reasonable £1.50 & they also sell home made cakes.

Now anyone who thinks this is unfair to the cats should take a look at this...

Does she look unhappy to you?

In true cat style they didn't come anywhere near me.
Next time I'm taking my friend who's scared of cats & I'm sure they'll be all over us!

You can find out more on their website & Facebook page.

If you're in the area do pop in & say hello but be warned, children are not allowed but you can see the cats through the window.

And speaking off cats....

A work colleague made me a birthday cake!
It's not my birthday for another week but I was going out tomorrow night with the girls & he made this for us. Unfortunately the meal had to be cancelled as a few people are away but hey I'm sure I'll manage it myself!!

Until next time

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wings & Wheels

Today saw me heading off with the family to a local airfield for their annual Wings & Wheels event

We were going yesterday but after seeing the weather forecast we decided against it!!

So off we set...... me all dress up including my gas mask box! When we arrived the sun was hiding behind the clouds but they didn't forecast rain..... right??

By the time it took to walk to the top of the airfield the heavens opened & didn't stop!

And me in my Saltwater sandals too!

As you can see it was wet!

A very wet Matthew eating his pack lunch in the WI tent.

A quick dash back to the car for my wellibobs

And then the sun came out!

By which time we were wet & a little fed up!

Such a shame for the organisers but there really wasn't that much to do....... I think some people packed up after the wash out yesterday.

I now have a very wet & muddy pair of Saltwaters to clean.

Hope you all had a great weekend

Monday, 12 August 2013

July Book Reviews

July was a much better month for reading...... although I didn't hit my target of 4 I managed 3!

First up....

What Papa Told Me is the story of Murray, a young Jewish boy
from Poland, whose courage and sheer will to live helped him
survive eight labor and concentration camps in the Holocaust,
start a new life in America, and keep a family intact in the
aftermath of his wife’s suicide – one of the
Nazis’ last victims.

I really enjoyed this book, is was difficult in places but the truth is always hard to read.
After the last book I wanted to read a small book & I found this an easy, interesting read & only 38p on Amazon Kindle!

A fascinating account of a City girl who volunteered to substitute for a farm worker who had been conscripted to fight in the War. How would she cope with the new environment? the new people? the new work?

Another bargain Kindle book. Again I really enjoyed it, it was a really interesting book about farm life in war time. After reading about the horrors of the concentration camps I found this light relief. There are lots of spelling mistakes but I'm sure you can over look them.

A dead employer's legacy of five thousand pounds allows spinster Hannah Pym to resign from housekeeping and find adventure travelling the English countryside by stagecoach. But adventure soon finds Miss Pym in the form of Miss Emily Freemantle, a spoilt violet-eyed beauty fleeing an arranged marriage to a rake she has never met.
What the girl's darkly handsome betrothed boards their stage, Miss Pym is certain Emily was rash to bolt from this aristocratic catch! And so as soon as the travellers repair to an inn, Miss Pym begins her matchmaking... and although Lord Ranger Harley complains he'll not marry an ungrateful minx, Miss Pym suspects once she's marshalled the couple into sharing intimate household chores, all romantic knots will be untangled!

I've been looking at this author for a long time, I love the cover of the books. When I found this one for yet another bargain price I just had to try it. I was excited at the thought of a book about Exeter.... my home town...... but they never really made it!
Although it was very good & as I brought it as a set of 4 books I still have 3 to read! It's set in the Regency period, I don't normally read books set it that period but it makes a change from WW2 books!
It's now £5.99 on Amazon, I'm glad I brought them when they were £1.00!

No more buying books for me, since I started in the charity shop I seemed to have collected a number of books!
At only 99p for paperbacks it seems silly not too......... I now have a pile of 8 to read!

Let me know if you've read any of these or add them to your Amazon wish list.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

July 2013

Yet another month gone!

In July I enjoyed my last week of freedom, visited South Devon Railway 1940s event, watched Andy Murray finally win Wimbledon, started my new job, worked really hard setting up my new shop for opening at the end of the month, found my coke bottle, enjoyed the heatwave & knitted lots of rabbit slippers!

But I also remembered Teddy

It's been a busy old month!

Let's see what August brings