Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Friends?

Today I visited the RSPCA to view these beauties!

I first saw them on the website at the beginning of October but at 7 & 8 years old I thought they would be too old for me but I'm really wanting a new friend.

It was a panic to get there for opening & I had the baskets all ready..... however I've now found out they're unwell.

They're prone to cat flu which is brought on by stress & have been on antibiotics for weeks.
They also carry the calicivirus.

PLUS...... they came from a home with lots of cats & haven't been handled much...... this meant I couldn't pick them up. I managed to smooth them, with lots of hissing.

They are very beautiful, especially the black & white one but it might not work out.
The vet is going to call me tomorrow to talk through the problems but OH is saying NO!

I know he's right...... I'm looking for a lap cat that I can cuddle & love..... and one that's going to last a few years!

Also I want lots of cats so if I get these they will pass the virus on to others.

But they are beautiful :)

Sorry no Wartime Farm review..... next time I promise!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Mojo is back....

I've mentioned a few times I'm really finding it hard to read at the moment. Before iPhones & Pads I would read lots .... at least 2 books a month.
Now it's easier to play games...... which I know is really, really bad :(

Back in July I made a decision to stop this nonsense! 

I needed to finish The Distant Hours which I started months before.
I love Kate Morton books but found this hard work, I think it was because it took so long.... in the end I did enjoy it but not as much as the others 

A friend lent me this book, hence why it's not in the photo. It was slow to begin with but I did like the story, it was good to hear the other side of the homefront...... I knew it wasn't all cups of tea & brave smiles

Once I'd finished that one back in September there was no stopping me..... next up The Sugar Girls.
I really, really loved this book & finished it in just over a week!
I love social history books & this one was one of the best I've read.

The Very Thought Of You had been sat in my bedside cupboard for a long while. I tried to read it before & didn't get on with it but once I got started I really enjoyed it. I found myself looking forward to my breaks so I could find out more....... I didn't even think of playing a game!!
I noticed on Amazon it had some bad reviews but I thought it was a nice read..... not amazing, just nice!

I've almost finished my next one which is a bit racy........ no it's not THAT book!!

I just hope I continue reading as I'd forgotten how good it is.

Yesterday another book arrived for me

Can you believe I haven't watched a single episode of this!
I always do it...... wait for months for something, get excited, then don't watch it cos I want to enjoy it at my leisure! Think I need to start watching them before my Virgin box blows up!!

I've wanted this book for sometime & found it for a bargain price at The Book People
I've had a flick through & think this book deserves a post of it's own.... hopefully  coming soon!

As you can see I've also dug out my gloves & hat ready for Friday's blast of cold air!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lovely Day Out.....

On Sunday 7th October ma, pops, me & the 2 dogs headed to Shepton Mallet for the giant flea market!

I've wanted to go for a long, long time & it did not disappoint!

It took a while to get there but it was a lovely autumn day & after a much needed cup of tea we got down to business!

I didn't want to spend too much money but I did have £11.50 left of my birthday money & I intended to spend it wisely!

All this for £11.50!
I spotted this tea pot on one stall for £35 but found this dirty one in a box on another for only £5!
Of course I had to get another dog...... my collection is growing!

And my best bargain.....

When I started in Habitat in the 90's we sold these cabinets for the the costly sum of £45..... too much for me at the time! I've always regretted not getting one so about 4 years ago I decided I was going to treat myself..... it was just what I needed for my bedside table.
However after finding them online & couldn't justify the cost of £91 so I waited & waited......... this beauty came home with me for just £25!

I really wanted a red one buy hey you can't have everything!

Then it was back to my parents to meet the new member of the family

Meet Rosie..... isn't she lovely?

This photo was sent the following day to say sorry. 
You see the little monkey only went & scratched my eyeball...... how could that happen?
I think she was watching my eye lashes! 

It really hurt at the time & just got worse during the evening so I ended up at the walk in centre the following day. I was given eye drops & it cleared up very quickly..... better safe then sorry :)

So that was my day out........ pops loved it & wants to go again. Thank goodness as he's the driver!

Monday, 15 October 2012

I've been tagged!!!

Don't panic..... only in the blogging sense!!!

Over a week ago Mrs Hotchpotch tagged me, I've been very lazy & only just got around to answering her questions!!

I've done this before so you can find out the random facts about me here

1. Radio 1 or classic fm
Neither..... I like to listen to music I like. If I had to choose it would be Radio 1

2. favourite tipple
Strongbow..... classy bird!!

3.If you had one superpower what would it be
mmm...... I've never thought of this...... I have no idea!

4.What would you do with one million pounds
Buy a house, give up my job & buy a dog, see the Northern Lights..... make sure my friends & family are comfortable then give the rest to charity!

5.  all time favourite song
This is hard..... just one??? Maybe Parted From You by The Men They Couldn't Hang

6. your idea of a perfect Sunday
PJ's...... roast turkey..... afternoon nap...... good old black & white movie

7. tea or coffee

8. If you could invite one person over for dinner who would you choose 

9. What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given 
It's not bad weather just inappropriate clothes!

10. What one word best describes you

11. What infuriates you

oh but wait...... I've only been tagged again!!!

This time by Ellie at Jelly Jam

  1. town or country?
    Town.... I think! I was brought up in the country.
  2. your most unappealing habit?
    Of course I have none!!!..... 
  3. what advice would you give your 18 year old self?
    Do things to please yourself not to please others!
  4. cats or dogs?
    Cats..... but I would love a dog
  5. your most overused word or phrase?
    It's not bad weather just inappropriate clothes!
  6. your perfect dinner date?
    Fish & chips & a can of pop!
  7. red or white?
  8. what are you wearing today?
    Black trousers & a black scoop neck jumper 
  9. spend or save?
    I used to spend now I save!
  10. dream car?
    Morris Traveller
  11. if you were an animal you'd be...
    A cat..... I could sleep all day :)

    Phew.......... !!!!!
    I'll be back soon with photo's of the special day out I had over a week ago..... I brought some lovely new goodies :)

Monday, 8 October 2012

By popular demand....

My lovely new Primark cardigans..... just £14 each!

The reindeer also comes in red but they didn't have my size...... I don't need a red cardigan.... do I??

Hope you like :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

September 2012

Autumn is well & truly here........ this year is speeding by!

I love autumn & I'm enjoying being able to wear my cardigans again...... if you love fair isle cardigans then pop in to Primark, they're so nice I brought two!

September saw lots of knitting for Crikey, my 4th anniversary & losing my wisdom!!!

1 year ago today I started my new job in Laura Ashley....... it's odd to think back to that first day, I was planning on not staying long but a year later I'm still there!!

After a stressful year of looking for a new job I found out at the end of August the lady I was covering was not returning. However my years contract finishes day & I've yet to receive the new contract :(

It's taken over 4 weeks for the top dogs to agree to keep this position & I was told last week that the contract would be in the post. I'm really concerned about working without a contract but I've been told if I don't work I will loose pay....... I'll be glad once this is sorted!

So it's a new month & I'm hoping for some good luck!