Monday, 30 May 2011

Finished project

Well another week has passed..... did you have a good one?? 
Back to work for me & I can't believe how fast it's gone.

As Monday was the last day of my holiday I decided to tackle a project that's been in the pipeline for a long, long time!

Remember these?

I brought them & posted about it in October 2009 ...... so it's only taken nearly 2 years to do something with them! It's on my list of jobs to do every time I'm on holiday but I never get around to it....... but I had a real urge to cross it off my list last week.

First I took them apart to clean

This took longer then I thought as the screws had been painted over!

Sanding down the steps

Some lovely red spotty oil cloth

Can you see where this is going?


oh what a mess I made..... this was a plastic kind of craft paint that my dad brought me.... be warned you can't wash it off your hands!!! One small bit resulted in big red hands!!!

Then quickly putting it back together before the rain came...


I'm very happy & the total price was under £5! :)

They live in the red sewing corner of my kitchen

A job well done I think

We had a customer event on Thursday night at work with 25% off..... 
we had wine

and tapas

in fact I've been eating tapas for the last 3 days!!!

I also had Olivia's birthday this week, this was the first birthday in 7 that I didn't make her anything. So that was 2 nights out...... On Friday I attended a funeral, lovely way to spend your day off!
I worked all weekend then went out last night...... so today I'm doing nothing! 
As it's raining I plan to watch movies & knit. I've been working on a rabbit toy which has worked out well so I'm hoping to make more for my Folksy shop.

So that was my week..... at least I feel I achieved something!

Hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday weekend

Sunday, 22 May 2011

I'm still here......

I've just noticed I haven't posted for 2 weeks!!! Blimey I think that must be a first & this is my 250th post!

I've managed to escape work for the last week, I've spent time getting my head around things & pottering around the garden

Loving my David Austin rose this year..... best it's ever been.

They don't last long so I decided to enjoy some inside too.

It's been so windy today the garden is now full of petals :(

I've also been making things for my Folksy shop

We headed off to the coast a couple of days.... although the weather wasn't great it was nice to get out & about. It normally involved going to the pub for lunch!!!

I've enjoyed catching up with all your blogs..... back to normal on Tuesday :(

Hope you've all had a lovely week

Monday, 9 May 2011

Running late.....

Yesterday was VE day & I like to make a point of remembering these things but after working all day me & OH pop to the pub & stayed slightly longer then planned!

So back to VE day, only 9 days ago we saw screens like this

ooohh how I would love to have been there!

Such a happy day :)

Is it me or are the weeks just going so fast? I've tried to blog twice a week but before I know it another week has gone!

Last week was Make, Do and Mend which was another sell out...... I completed my interview for the local paper & the feature should be in the Express & Echo this Wednesday.
As I worked all this weekend I had 2 days off during the week so we popped to Dawlish for a couple of hours

We were planning on going to Teignmouth but the train was so packed by the time we got to Dawlish & when we saw loads more waiting to get on we thought we'd cut our losses & get off!

We had a wander around..... looked at the amusement arcade, blimey they still exist!..... then got the big fast train back.

Saturday was my school reunion...... very, very odd!!! I felt really old looking at everyone.... I was shocked at how old they all looked! I was told I still looked the same & was asked my secret by loads of people......
My secret?.... No kids? ......Not wearing make up? .....Good genes?
Or could it be eating rubbish, drinking much more then is good for me & smoking for years & years....... you decide!!!
Not sure how I felt about it all, at times it felt like being back at school & wanting to be liked, other times I just looked at people & thought I never liked you!
Unfortunately for me it was mainly ladies..... & very loud ladies at that..... that attended, as I hung around with all the boys at school my closest friends weren't there :(

So that's my week over....... it's been my day off today & it's gone so fast :( I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I will let you know what's happening when I can, I've been asked not to talk about it to anyone who's involved & as some staff read my blog I'm having to keep mum!!!!
For legal reasons I haven't been officially offered any job..... how do I feel? Not happy at the moment, thinking there should be more to life then this!!!!

No doubt it'll be another week before I manage to post again so have a good week!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

April 2011

Well that's another month over!!!!

With all the trouble at work I haven't had much chance to enjoy April...... a month I normally enjoy..... I've just wished the whole month away & I'm still none the wiser with my job but the ball is now in my court. Decisions, decisions....... I hate it!!!

I've had a lovely weekend.... on Thursday evening the family met to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday & on Friday I watched the wedding....

I'm very British & I've been looking forward to this day for a while. I'm no girly girl so imagine my surprise when I found myself lusting over her beautiful dress!!!
I've never dreamt of marrying ...never thought of a wedding dress but this one is lovely :)
They looked so happy together, unlike his parents on their big day..... I hope this is one royal marriage that last.

I love their carefree attitude to life..... it's about time the royals had a kick up the bum, well not Queenie because that would be so wrong!!!

Ok so I mentioned Queenie & I have to confess I still haven't finished her :(
Has anyone else tried to knit from this book?

It really easy to read but so fiddly... I've nearly finished thankfully but I have been asked if I would make some to sell....... well at this rate I'd have to sell for about £100 for the amount of hours it's taken!!!!

Did you have a street party?
I really wanted one & was very surprised to see one just behind my house..... why wasn't I invited? :( I was going to gate crash but it was full of small children, terrible modern music blasting out, no bunting..... in fact it wasn't very 1940's at all so I went to the pub instead!

It's certainly been the wrong weekend to have off, what with the large football match yesterday, the roads being closed in the city centre for the Great West Run today & of course the rain :(

I've been running in & out of the garden today, I managed to get my runner beans in but not much more. Off again on Wednesday so fingers crossed for sunshine :)

Hope you all enjoy the last day of the bank holiday weekend tomorrow..... back to work for me.
Another sell out Make, Do and Mend on Tuesday..... our local newspaper want to do a feature on the group & should be sending a photographer along :)

I hope to be better in May on the crafting front & blogging!