Sunday, 1 May 2011

April 2011

Well that's another month over!!!!

With all the trouble at work I haven't had much chance to enjoy April...... a month I normally enjoy..... I've just wished the whole month away & I'm still none the wiser with my job but the ball is now in my court. Decisions, decisions....... I hate it!!!

I've had a lovely weekend.... on Thursday evening the family met to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday & on Friday I watched the wedding....

I'm very British & I've been looking forward to this day for a while. I'm no girly girl so imagine my surprise when I found myself lusting over her beautiful dress!!!
I've never dreamt of marrying ...never thought of a wedding dress but this one is lovely :)
They looked so happy together, unlike his parents on their big day..... I hope this is one royal marriage that last.

I love their carefree attitude to life..... it's about time the royals had a kick up the bum, well not Queenie because that would be so wrong!!!

Ok so I mentioned Queenie & I have to confess I still haven't finished her :(
Has anyone else tried to knit from this book?

It really easy to read but so fiddly... I've nearly finished thankfully but I have been asked if I would make some to sell....... well at this rate I'd have to sell for about £100 for the amount of hours it's taken!!!!

Did you have a street party?
I really wanted one & was very surprised to see one just behind my house..... why wasn't I invited? :( I was going to gate crash but it was full of small children, terrible modern music blasting out, no bunting..... in fact it wasn't very 1940's at all so I went to the pub instead!

It's certainly been the wrong weekend to have off, what with the large football match yesterday, the roads being closed in the city centre for the Great West Run today & of course the rain :(

I've been running in & out of the garden today, I managed to get my runner beans in but not much more. Off again on Wednesday so fingers crossed for sunshine :)

Hope you all enjoy the last day of the bank holiday weekend tomorrow..... back to work for me.
Another sell out Make, Do and Mend on Tuesday..... our local newspaper want to do a feature on the group & should be sending a photographer along :)

I hope to be better in May on the crafting front & blogging!


  1. Hi Josie-Mary! Thank you for your comment! Glad you liked my tea!

    I let the whole wedding pass me by too! I really wish I hadn't!

    I can't believe you knitted the whole wedding - I still don't really know how to knit so it would take me even longer!

    Jewel x

  2. Hi Joe,

    Hope you are able to make the decision that works for you!

    Wishing a happier May for you,

    Victoria xx

  3. Do you think you could put the press off until next month?

  4. Ohhhhh i loved every minute of the wedding...Really beautiful. we had planned to jump on the tube into London on the day but then decided against it as the weather forecast rain. I felt gutted though that we didnt :-( Wish we had now x

  5. Hi, I just found you. Lovely blog! I don't know what trouble you've had but I hope that things turn out the way you want them to. Lynda xx

  6. I hope May turns out to be a fantastic month for you :0)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding and I think they are in it for the long run, devoted and very much in love by the looks of things. It was so lovely to watch, wasn't their departure fantastic? I have the book but to be honest I just like looking at it. I will knit something from it soon though, just to prove to myself that I can.

    Thank you very much for the lovely comment you left on my blog xx

  7. didn't she look gorgeous ? I really wasn't intending on watching much, I thought I would just glimpse the dress and then go off and do something less boring instead (*anyone else remember "Why Don't You TV?!) but I really got drawn into it and ended up watching the entire thing. We didn't have a street party, but our neighbours invited a few people over for a bbq so we did that instead and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Hope that you can come to a decision that you are happy with, and hope that closes this chapter for you.

    Good luck for tonight, I am sorry not to be there with everyone, and hope that the press photos come out well - I shall be looking out for it