Sunday, 4 October 2015

August & September Book Review

No books finished in September! I must find my reading mojo again.

I did manage to finish one in August

Three sisters are growing up in 1920s Bermondsey - the larder of London - with its bustling docks, its spice mill, tannery and factories. 
Southwells jam factory is where many of the girls work. And Milly Colman knows she's lucky. At Southwells she can have a laugh with her mates. She's quick and strong and never misses a day's work. She needs to be. Because at homes things are very different. 
The Colman household is ruled by the tyrannical rages of the old man - her father. Often Milly feels she is the only thing protecting her mother and younger sisters from his murderous violence. At least autumn hop-picking in Kent gives all the Colman women a heavenly respite. 
But it is here, on one golden September night, that Milly makes the mistake of her life and finds her courage and strength tested as never before.

This was recommend to me from Amazon & at only 59p on Kindle I couldn't say no.
It was a bit of a slow burner & took a while for me to get it to it. However once it got going I was hooked.
I really enjoyed it, well worth 59p!