Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Dambuster flies again....

Today has been my day off from the dreaded work place & not only has it been a lovely sunny afternoon but I also got to meet a real life Dambuster....... George 'Johnny' Johnson is one of two survivors from the dambuster raid in 1943. The 2nd lives in Australia so I don't think I'll get to meet him!!!
He was a lovely man who even at 88 stood when he shock my was such an honour to meet him....a real hero. It's a shame that men today don't have the same manners. He was in my home town giving a talk for a group of ladies, average age 70!!!, I was invited by a friend so I jumped at the chance to meet him, we were very lucky to sit in the reception area & have coffee with him before the talk. He spoke in great detail about the training & the event. For those of you who saw the channel 5 documentary the talk was the about his travels back to Germany to see the dams. He was a very interesting speaker & I was shocked by how quickly the time went.
At the end I pushed all the old folk out the way, very unlike me, to ask him to sign a book for my dad. I wanted to ask him how he felt about the crazy country that we now live in, children out on the streets killing each other out of boredom must be really odd for him to think he risked his life & lost close friends for this.....................


  1. Evening!
    Wow......see you have loads to blog about...i just ramble on!
    Thats so cool meeting him!
    As for the move.....well depends on the salary....getting a bit fed up......i'm sick of interviews, where i go for the job then i like it and then the salary is rubbish...expecting ppl to run on 11 grand a yr b4 tax!!!!!!! huh! really its the pits!
    I'm getting to the point where i'm feelig quite desperate.....i really need to move....where i am now is dreadful.......ho hum.....maybe the right job will come along soon....if only the nt would let me childmind!!!

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  3. Lovely post. This generation is so precious. I don't know that any of us would do as good a job - the sense of duty is no longer there it seems.
    I heard a lovely story once - a woman turned to a man who had held open a door for her 'You don't need to do that just because I'm a lady" to which he replies 'My dear I don't do it because you are a lady, but because I am a gentleman'. Hurrah to that! t.x (my hubby stands for a lady - his manners are very old-fashioned and endearing. I'm hoping he passes them on to our son!)

  4. Hi there, found you via MelMel. I see you started your blog on my birthday! So sorry to hear about Charlie. Blogging is great and hopefully it'll perk your spirits up.

  5. What an interesting man to have met and it is such a shame that the manners of old aren't around much anymore.

    I travel to work by train and it amazes me how it's always a woman who gives up her seat for a pregnant woman and not the men.

    Victoria x

  6. Thank you! keep wanting to call you another name! but i won't!
    Do like the josie mary! cute!
    I'm shattered!
    Watching heartbeat now and blogging, looking forward to your days off next week?
    Hope the weather stays good for you!xxxx