Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Thank you .......

Thank you for your comments....I'm feeling better already. And yes MelMel it is me!!!! Thought I would come and join in the fun of blogging. Hope to make lots of friends.


  1. Cool!
    when you leave comments on other ppl's blogs then they come and say hi...very nice n friendly...sorry your so sad about your kitty.....glad your feeling a bit better!!xxx

  2. Hello!
    How is life treating you?
    If you have rrad my blog....i've not had the best week!
    oh well thank goodness it is Friday!! yippee!!
    Are you working or do you have time off??

  3. Hello, yes I've read you blog - poor you - guess you won't be eating those again!!! The wage for that job was really rubbish. How come??? I thought the pay in Manchester would be good. Anymore news???
    I'm working all weekend, not good. My weekend is tuesday & wednesday - can't wait.Hope it stays sunny so I can get out in the garden. Have a good weekend, think you deserve

  4. Hello!
    Just saw this msg for me!
    My weekend has really perked me up, i've had a rubbish mum has to go and have a heart scan, and they have been having money worries so they also may lose the dads pride and joy, so all that has made me fell really down.
    Saw my friend today tho so thats cheered me up! glad your here too......thats good!
    Did you manage to buy the
    ck birthday bag? think i've missed the boat.....ho hum! still can't have everything!
    Did you get out in your garden?
    Maybe you might put some pictures on your blog? i'd love to see you veg patch!
    Hope work wasn't too horrid! xxxxx

  5. The job......defo rubbish that wage, had a sniff of a NHS job as a playleader in the hospital playroom....fancy that....wage double what the other one was....just want to get to styal village and get a cat again and have some where i live is life the school of hard knocks!
    Riot police today when we got back....nice eh? :>((