Sunday, 11 December 2016

October 2016 & November 2016

I'm back!!

The last 2 months have been very stressful...... my Virgin internet was cut off at the end of the October ready for when I leave, I've had nothing but problems with the new internet & already I've over spent by £75 so hence why I'm staying away!!

So October came & went, autumn is my favourite time of the year but with all the things going on at the moment I didn't have time to enjoy it.

The biggest thing in October was the terrible fire in the Cathedral green, it was so upsetting to see the Royal Clarence destroyed. 

November was all about knitting.... wearing my fair isle jumper & finishing 2 dog coats for the boys.
An evening with the family seeing the Coca Cola truck & spending time with the cats.
I was also lucky enough to see New Model Army & The Beat, nice to let my hair down & forget about my troubles.

I'm still looking for somewhere to live but as it's getting so close to Christmas it will have to wait until the new year now. So many places but none that I can afford or will take cats.

Fingers crossed 2017 is better for us all.


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