Sunday, 1 March 2009

Thrifting, sun, crocheting & food......

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend. As promised I'm back with what I hope will be a more cheerful post... sorry for moaning!!! Thanks for all your comments... things are starting to look up!!

First up Saturday.... after getting up very early I decided to start cleaning the cooker at 7am!! Don't ask me why but this meant I had a free morning so I went to the local Charity shop. I've never been before but I've heard it really good.... when I moved here 2 1/2 years ago I thought I would go all the time but out of laziness or the fact I spend most of my days of cleaning I've never been.

Now this shop is very big & has a whole room just for books. This is what I brought....

A pot holder (red spots on the other side), 2 balls of lovely fluffy wool & a selection of buttons that are already at home in my button tin. All of this was 60p.... I gave £1 because each ball of wool is worth more then that. Now every time I see your posts I wish I could find good things but now I know the reason why..... I never touch anything!!! I walk in & that horrible smell hits you & straight away I want to wash my hands!! This shop had a little room for all things crafty.... wool, needles, buttons, fabric etc but I couldn't go through the boxes. How stupid!!!

I also brought these....

I love anemones but they're not cheap... £2.50 for 8 & they don't last long!!! The tulip beside is one from last year, I put some bulbs under a table in the garden to see what would happen this year... I had forgotten all about them until the other day when I spotted some green shoots... isn't nature amazing?? Here's another one.....

OK so they look a bit sad but hey I couldn't leave them outside after they made the effort to come back to life!!!

When I got home the sun was out so I risked putting a wash out on the line.... there's something so lovely about freshly washed sheets blowing in the wind.

Only one thing can follow such a lovely day..... a fish supper with ginger beer... perfect!!!

I then settled down to finish my knitting order...

This was a special order for someone who has problems with their little boy pulling his shoes & socks off. Hope they work!!!

Sunday was dull..... house work... all the things I should've done on Saturday. But I did sit down in the afternoon to watch a bit of telly & finish these.....

Crochet blanket update...... the last time I posted about this was at the end of January. I was planning on updating every week but they go so fast.... this is what it looked like then.....

And now.....

I'm so pleased with it, it's growing really fast which is a good thing because I started it a year ago!!!

I've photographed it on my bed so I have some idea of how much more I need to do :(

And finally.... it's not just me that likes fine food......

I've discovered rice puddings from Sainsbury's & I have a friend who likes them too!!!

Have a good week


  1. Your crotchet flowers are gorgeous, I hope mine get as good as that.
    If you ever get fed up with that little purse, let me know, i'll gladly take it off your hands. For some reason it's reminding me of being a little girl.
    So glad you're feeling brighter.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Hi there Joe..glad you are feeling cheery now ;-)
    I think the weather today cheered me up too ;-)

  3. Hi Joe,
    Wow, this charity shop sounds marvellous. Can't believe you didn't get right into all those boxes of goodies. Never mind the smell, that's what washing machines are for! I bet you'll be going back...
    Crochet's looking great, you've been a busy bee. My cats love all things dairy - Vorey's fave is licking the yoghurt pot lid; I know, it's disgraceful but I love my kittys!
    Hen x

  4. Hi Joe

    I want to visit your charity shop!!! Sounds a lot better than some round here. Those little boots are sweet, I hope they work for the little boy. I found that boot type booties stayed on my girls best when they were little (knitted by mother in law, not me I had better add!).

    Your crochet flowers are great. Glad you're feeling a bit happier.

    Mel xxx

  5. Hi hun...again time ran away with me....that and other stuff to sort!

    Hope you had a good restful weekend!?

    Hoping to get to unicorn this week....have run out of a number of must have stuff....bombay mix.....etc!


    I'll see what new nags they have in....all the slogans are different.....xxxxx

  6. Hi Josie, I'm waiting for Tim's uncle to send me over the files. He's going to be making some pink, blue and green mugs in the same style too (slightly different wording). I'll let you know as soon as he sends them over and I can print them.



  7. Hi Josie,

    Well done you on getting them in the shop, I will definately be interested in purchasing one.

    I'm a Bristol girl but now live on the outskirts in Clevedon. Bristol's where I go when I fancy or can afford a shopping trip. Not often enough though as far as i'm concerned lol!
    Have a good week
    Beki xxx

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  9. Sorry, I somehow managed to post my comment twice xxx

  10. The little crochet flowers are so pretty. Your blanket is coming along I started one (my first crochet project) but decided it a little adventurous and thought I'd turn it into a cushion.
    Looks like you found some goodies on your trip to the charity shop.
    Take care.

  11. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the kind words about my Nan, you have just confirmed that I have done the right thing about not going to see my Nan anymore!

    I have the same phobia about going into charity shops, the smell, rummaging etc. That is why I always take my sister with me as she'll route through owt! (How Yorkshire does that make me sound)

    Have a good week at work.

    Vanessa x

  12. Hi Joe,
    If you go into Holland Fabric House's shop, click on the "Notions" option on the left hand side, then the "Transfers" option at the bottom on the next page, you will find the Matryoshka transfers listed at the bottom.
    Hen x