Tuesday, 10 March 2009


My Holiday is finally here!!!

I did have to work all weekend so it only started yesterday but it feels so good having 2 weeks a head of me with no plans. I've cancelled somethings because I had lots going on & I was starting to get worried that I wouldn't have anytime to do nothing!!! Oh yes I do enjoy doing nothing!!!

So what's new......

Window update.... Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post......on looking at the window more closely I don't think the paving slab did the job, the hole is very small like a bullet hole.... could it be an air riffle???? Well I've heard that some of the kids do have them..... what would have happened if it came through the window??? What if my lovely Nanny cat was sat in the window as he likes to do???? Well I can tell you what would have happened...... I would've killed them if they hurt my Nanny!!! I've heard nothing from the police so called today to get a crime number to sort the insurance. Oh how I love our helpful police force..... I explained that no one had called & I was told that they are very busy & as far as the police are concerned the matter is closed because the children said they didn't do it. Well it still leaves me with a broken window!!! I explained about the air riffle theory & she updated the records but didn't seem interested. Unlike a lot of people I know I was brought up to respect the police but after this I'm not so sure.

On a happier note my brother's girlfriend had her baby on Thursday 5th.... a little boy called Matthew weighing 10lbs 15ozs.... normal size for our family!!! She went into labour on Tuesday 3rd & finally had an emergency C section about 11am on Thursday.... I have a feeling this will be her first & last baby!!! I have no photo's of him as I haven't been to see him. She was feeling unwell & on Saturday she became very ill.... they're now pumping stuff from her tummy, not sure whats happened but I think they left some stuff in... I'm not sure what, I must say it makes me feel a little bit ill!!!! Here are the gifts I've brought him.....

Bargain.... all from Primark.....I know...it's very bad but hey it was £1o for the lot & money is tight at the moment.

I also made this........

I used to sell these taggie blankets.

Yesterday was a right off because we went to the pub for lunch & stayed all afternoon...whoops.... I'm sure the house work can wait!!!

Today I was up early & the sun was out so a wash went out on the line.....

I think I need to spend sometime in the garden this week..LOL!! I get such joy from seeing washing blowing in the wind.... is it just me???

Then it was a sit down with a cup of tea to chose my horses for the Cheltenham festival that started today.... so far no winners.... guess I'll have to go back to work!!!!

I brought these magazines last week & they've been sat waiting for my holidays. Does anyone else get the Sainsbury's mag??? I really enjoy it & it's cheap too.

Then it was back to bed to read.......

I haven't read a Miss Read book for years but I saw them in the book people catalogue & I thought I'd dig mine out. They have a whole set for £9.99 so I think I'll treat myself because I haven't got any of those.

Reading Attic 24's blog today she said that everyone should have flowers beside their bed so here's mine.......

I popped to Lidl today & daffs were only 99p for 20, I have some in the living room & these were on the dining table.

I read somewhere that you should have something that makes you smile beside your alarm clock so you wake up with a smile everyday. What do you think of this beautiful cat???? She's so lovely.... I've had her for years, brought from a cheap home ware shop.... everyone laughed at the time but all theses years on I still love her.

On Saturday I took my flower brooches to the local florist......

Hope they sell.....

I'm going to put some on my other blog if anyone would like one, also the purse.... I've had some emails about that.

Well I think that's enough for one day. Back soon.

EDIT: I've just won the champion hurdle!!! Punjabi.... I had a cat called that! I always bet on him but he was an outsider today... yippee!!


  1. I can feel the joy!

    Holidays are brill!
    I feel like the Famous Five when we set off to our Caravan.....bliss!
    We are going in May....counting the weeks!

    So many lovely things to comment on...but the one I love is the little taggy blankie...very cute!

    Enjoy your time off doing just as you please!

  2. I love the Miss Read books. I have that set too..I so want to be a teacher at the village school!!
    Have a great break,Joe!!


  3. Enjoy your time off, nothing beats the feeling of time off work, does it, I remember it well! The taggie blanket is very cute. Best of luck with all your sales.
    Hen x

  4. Hi Joe

    Oh how lovely to have some time off and no plans. I would LOVE that! Hope you enjoy it :)

    The police can be rubbish can't they? Can just imagine it now... "no sir he can't be the murderer, he says he didn't do it" lol.

    The size of your new nephew made my eyes water a bit, I'm not surprised she had a casesarian! My longest time in hospital before the baby came out is 4 hours and that was enough pain, believe me!

    Hope you get some sales from the florists :)

    Mel xxx

  5. I hope you're enjoying your time off work still and CONGRATS on your new nephew... nothing wrong with Primark clothes! I think they're perfect for babies and they grow out of them so quickly!!!

    Victoria xx

  6. Hi Joe,
    I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the company that had the stall with the union jack cushions. I think it was quite pricey stuff though. I want a furry push-along dog too and Harry is far too old for one but that won't stop me!

    Hope you're enjoying your hols.
    Hen x

  7. Hopenyou are enjoying your hols!
    Love the crochet flowers they are gorgeous, I am sure they willbe popular lovely for brightening up coats tops etc.
    Cant beleive the weight of that baby, mine were 8lb 2 and a half and 8ib 3 that was plenty but a ten pounder!. Congratulations to them .
    take care and enjoy your hol
    x Dom

  8. Hi hunni!

    How is the relaxing going?
    Lucky you!

    Nah....sometimes its messy....some good dust bunnies too.....better go and beat them with a broom!LOL!xxxx

  9. I have an award over at my blog if you wish to accept it.

    Love Jayne xxxx

  10. Hi Josie

    Thought i'd pop by and say Hi!
    Hope you're enjoying your hols.
    The books look good, i've not read them, must look out for them.
    Have a good weekend.
    Beki xxx

  11. Hi Joe, sorry I've just remembered about the bag, not been to the shop yet, as its a bit away from my house, but will get it sorted ASAP!

    How is your hols so far?

    Lovely day here, there?


  12. I love Miss Read! havent read them for years I must dig one out :o)
    your poor sil ouwchh! what a ahuge babe! hope shes feeling brighter & better soon x your gifts are so lovely x x
    GTM x