Saturday, 21 March 2009

Mother's day gifts

Hope you're all enjoying the lovely sunny weather..... I can't believe how lucky I've been.... next week it's going to rain in the southwest so it's a good job I'll be back at work.

I thought I would share the mother's day gifts I made........

A crocheted vase plus of course a flower brooch.... not sure if mum will wear this but it looks nice on the vase......... some cheap & cheerful my last post I showed you the crocheted flowers I had been fiddling with.....

I had an idea to make a card but it kept changing..... what do you think??? A bit fiddly as I had to hand stitch it onto the card but it didn't take that long to make... I'm thinking of entering CK make your own mother's day card competition..... you never know I could win...LOL!!!!

I also made these this morning........

Traditional fairy cakes, lemon iced cakes & plain icing with green & black chocolate flakes. I made them instead of the biscuits because I had everything I needed in the cupboard so the cost...... Zero, just my time. I made them because a couple of years ago my mum saw on the TV a company that made cupcakes for mother's day.... priced at about £7 per cake!!! She thought this was really funny so I'm hoping I can pretend that I brought them......(I don't think so!!!)

Sorry the picture is camera was running out of juice so I couldn't take another. No sooner have I changed the battery then they go again..... I can take about 8 photo's before they need changing. I've tried rechargeable ones but they don't even power it up.... hate using so many batteries.... not very green!

Have a good weekend


  1. What lovely Mother's Day gifts and the cakes look YUMMY!

    Victoria xx

  2. I must get around to crocheting some of those vases as I have a ton of jam jars here!
    Hope your hols have been good ;-)

  3. Mmmm cakes! No worries about the biscuits, I haven't been here all day anyway so it's probably for the best and they look great. Don't worry about making me think of my Dad, I think about him all the time anyway and I like remembering the stuff he used to do :)

    Love the other home made bits too, you should enter the CK comp!

    mel xxx

  4. Joe, you are clever, its all lovely!

    My glasses case was admired today by some old dear....she thought I'd made, I promise I took no credit!:>))xxxxx

  5. I love the vase!lucky mum :o)
    Havent you had such wonderful weather for your holidays! it was glorious here again to day,we have a clay soil & its all cracked! so hard to remember only a couple of weeks ago it was so claggy you simply couldnt walk on it or it ended up making your boots so heavy with it stuck on there it pulled them off lol!!!
    I havent seen that mag you mentioned?but we get Kitchen Garden & I really rate it,its very readable plus useful on all levels of experiance too.
    I thnk you made the right choice on the plant bundle,just get a few of what you fancy from a nursery,we have a great local one here & they have a goos selection of ones started off for folks.

    Have a good weekend
    GTM x xx

  6. I`m sure your Mum will love her Gifts!
    And the cakes too!
    Debbie Moss

  7. Oooh, yes please hunni and don't they have to be flannelette lol!
    That's how I remember them anyway.
    Have a good week
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  8. Hope your holiday did you the world of good and you had time to unwind and re-charge those batteries..
    Love the crochet and just a wee bit envious that I still can't crochet!!


  9. OH, So sweet of you ! I m sure your mom will be delighted to receive your handmade gift.