Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Help needed.......

A very quick post today I'm afraid...... I went back to work on Monday :(..... & I'm soooo tried!!! I forgot what hard work it is standing up for 8 hours a day & smiling!!!!

I hope to be back tomorrow with some photo's of my new crocheted blanket....

In the mean time I need your help.........

Last night I went to Brownies... this was my 5th time & every time I hope it will get better but it doesn't. I was speaking to the other helper & she suggested I went to another pack to see how things are done as this was the worst pack in Exeter!!!! Trust me to choose this one!!!

If your child attends Brownies or any other group could you tell me what they do????
I never went to Brownies so I didn't know what to expect.................. however the regional leader did ask me to join to share traditional crafts etc...................... since the beginning of the year we haven't done one badge..... is this right?????

In 3 weeks time I have a meeting with the leader & I'd like to suggest some more exciting things to do......... if things carry on like this I won't be going back after Easter. I sit in the corner for 1 3/4 hours with no one speaking to me while the girls run around shouting & screaming...... all they do is play games..... I don't think this is right as the parents are paying for this. And after a long day at work I'd rather be at home watching TV!!!

Hope you're all having a good week


  1. My son has been doing Beaver scouts since Sept 08 (6-8 year olds). They keep them very busy - this term we have had 3 outings, they make things, take part in activity days and have visits from policeman etc. He hasn't had a badge yet this term but i know they are working towards them. Last term he got 4 badges, aswell as all the area badges. Today his group is having a toy sale to raise money for the RLNI. As far as i'm aware the brownies should be doing the same sort of things. x

  2. Hi Joe.... I'm so slack...not had a min to pop to that shop.....I have the day off and I'm going to MAKE my Dad take me...LOL!!!!

    Sorry for the delay...will send to your you don't miss it!

    Hope your poor feet are ok...tis mustard standing up all day smiling....:>(


  3. That sounds pretty rubbish, Joe. I'd definitely be off for a snoop at a different group. They should be grateful you've offered to help and be putting your talents to good use. Harry goes to Beavers and there is a fair amount of game playing but last night he came home with a badge as they had learned all about the emergency services and first aid. He tied his dad's arm into a sling using his scarf! He also got a badge a few weeks ago when we went to the Maritime Museum. I thought the whole idea was to inspire them to work towards the badges, hence teaching them useful things? Time for a swift word with the leader or I'd be off where your talents are appreciated...

  4. I used to be a Tawny Owl, at our local Brownie pack. OK, the girls do need to play games, and let off steam, but there is so much more to do! Badge work, singing, crafts, and on lighter nights, outdoor things such as treasure hunts, rounders, and even visits to Guide campfires etc. THE LIST IS ENDLESS!!
    It may be wise to make a few suggestions, and if these fall on stony ground, find another pack to help at.
    It's really kind of you to offer your time!!

    Sharon xx

  5. Jess' brownies was much the same as yours, they very rarely did any badges and it would pee me off.
    Why don't you suggest to Brown Owl that you have a small group at a time and do some arts and crafts badges.
    Now Jess is at Guides, she's doing a lot more and really looks forward to the weeks where they have planned to do craft, which most young girls that age seem to.
    Have a good week
    Beki xxx

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  7. I would not even stick around.I'd be off to look at another pack asap. You are worth more than that!!

  8. Don't know much about brownies, as I never went, but doesn't sound up to much to me. Will ask a friend who's daughter goes what they do - I know her daughter and friend love going.

    Have just been catching up with your posts - so sorry to hear about what happened with your window - that's terrible. Police are bloomin useless aren't they ? My friend once phoned because a gang was beating someone up in the High St - they said just stand a safe distance and watch but we won't be there for at least half an hour - and this was about 6 pm on a Monday evening!

    On a brighter note, I love Miss Read - I used to read them when I was younger - I so wanted to be a teacher back then!!

  9. My girlies are too young but when I went to Brownies I remember doing a lot of singing and playing organised games. I seem to remember we all had our own handbook and chose what badge to do by ourselves in our own time, supervised by parents. Though we did do a crime prevention badge all together when someone from the Police station came and gave us a talk.

    This site has a few ideas:

    Mel xxx

  10. Hi there, been enjoying your blog. Hope you don't mind me posting a comment. My daughter attends Rainbows - she has come in tonight having made Easter cakes and a lovely chicken shaped basket filled with tissue paper and a few chocolate bunnies and little chocolate eggs added. Next week they are pond-dipping at the local nature park, as part of their work towards their next badge. Activities are structured and organised every week and parents receive a schedule of activities at the start of each term. All the Rainbows in my daughter's group especially love the craft, so with your skills being in that area, I would have imagined the Brown Owl would be only to glad to have you! Good luck! Keltie.

  11. Hi hun...feeling ok today?

    I'm doing a mass post this I will get yours sorted..:>))

    I'm so chuffed...the fabric is wonderful..

    I'm going to email you...x

  12. Hey there, how are you? Nice meetin you.

    My girl just started her Brownies in Feb, as a school activities, hence cant offer any help. She is 11yr and is looking forward to every meeting on Friday after school. The meetup is in the school compound and she has lots of fun playing, singing, doing some eco-friendly stuffs, Aand has to complete certain tasks to earn herself a badge (thats what she says)

    I hope your kid will enjoy as much as mine.

  13. Hello there, I have never left a comment on your blog before, but having discovered you are a fellow crocheter I thought I'd drop by and say hello! My daughter goes to Rainbows and to be honest all they really do is play games and do crafting, she has received 1 badge but not for doing anything, it was a badge commemorating the Everest challenge some leaders took part in. Might be an idea to suggest some ideas to the leader? Lisaxxx

  14. I used to help at a Brownie pack and my daughter now goes to one. Yours sounds awful. They seem to do a mixture of games and crafts most weeks but also most evenings have a theme - could be working towards a badge, or looking at different cultures, wildlife, etc etc. The possibilities are endless and most activities seem to have a moral value behind them and a structure. You can be as inventive as you like. They recently made things and then sold them on a stall to raise money for a local children's hospice, and had to do posters to advertise it too. Good luck!

  15. i never went to brownies so cant be much help.i want to girls brigade which was just about religion =S!
    if i was in brownies id love to try all number of crafts tho!