Monday, 30 March 2009

Have you seen this?????

Just a quick post to see if anyone else has found this blog........

I can now do fancy links thanks to Sian!!

It's from the Imperial war museum & it's very good. I was sent an email a few days ago, I think it's new.


  1. oooh, I'll have a look at this later.

    To do the links in the 'new post' window, you first of all type any word, highlight the whole word and then click the buttom in the 'new post' window that has a green ball with a line across the top. Then you past the whole link (http://www....) into the box that pops up et voila. Let me know if you have any problems and I'll email you a mini tutorial. :-)

  2. ooohhh...liking that blog VERY much! make me laugh so much!
    Just doing them jobs, got my new chair arriving later...

    Going to the recycling shop-1 pram, highchair,little dining my bigger one can come home now.....:>)

    I've popped a little extra thing in your parcel too....think fabric man!xxxx

  3. ooh it seems that i cant do fancy links tho doh!
    if you want to go to that website in my post it seems to be working now =)

    ill have to check out that blog!

  4. I love it..must save it so I can visit it again ;-)

  5. Blimmy that got there quick!
    Only posted it lunchtime on Monday!

    glad you like it!
    A bit of CK vintage!

    Hope you can think of something nice to do with it!xxx

  6. hello there thanks for popping over to visit my blog! will go and have a looky at the blog you linked now :-)
    lesley x