Thursday, 19 March 2009

Gardening & crocheting

I survived St Patrick's day...just in case you were wondering!!! It was a bit rubbish & I ended up being home at 5pm....watching Emmerdale & Eastenders!!

Yesterday the glaziers came & fitted the new window.... at last!!! Look how clean it is.....well this saved me a job!!!

I've been out in the front garden today because it was starting to look a right mess..... for some reason loads of rubbish blows in. Now I've checked next door's gardens & they don't seem to have any so why does it come in to ours???? (I've never seen them picking up rubbish) We're the only ones who still have a front garden everyone else has drives..... does this mean the roads are clear??? No they all have 2 cars!!!

I'll be seeing my parents on Sunday so I had to clear it.... I feel so guilty that my dad at the age on 67 has been in the garden nearly everyday this week from sun up to sun down!!!
I even swept the path!!!!

These arrived on Tuesday......

The whole set for just under £12 including postage. I can't believe so many of you like Miss Read books, I've never met anyone who's even heard of them.

Today I've been fiddling with theses.......

They're for my Mother's day card but then I had another idea so out came the hook again.....

I'll show you when I've finished. I make mother's day gifts every year because I think it's a bit of a con..... I've had so many emails offering flowers starting at £35..... my mum would have a fit if I spent that much!!!

Talking of Mother's day I need your help..........

Does anyone know a good biscuit recipe?????

It has to be cheap, easy & quick......... last year I made mum a fruit cake but it needed to be in the oven for about 45 mins so it ended up costing more then a shop brought one.
Please remember I'm not very good at baking.

Hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather...... maybe a long hot summer is on the cards.


  1. your front garden looks lovely!

  2. I've read the Miss read stories....a long time back, they are a cosy read!

    Glad your wondow is sorted and that you got out to sort the garden!xxx

  3. Hi Joe

    The garden looks gorgeous! Our front garden looks awful at the moment, we get loads of rubbish in as well, at the moment by the front door I have an "interesting" tub with one dead plant, some dead leaves and an old Ripple wrapper in it... nice!

    My Dad used to put me to shame with gardening as well, it was his job as well but he used to spend the occasional day in ours wedding, pruning and bringing things to plant. I miss him lots!

    What type of biscuits do you want? The type you roll out and cut out, or ones you blob on a tray and they come out however they like? I have good easy recipes for both but the second type is way easier!

    mel xxx