Thursday, 5 March 2009

Keep calm.....

Once more this has to be my motto of the week.....
Student update..... I had a call from the college on Friday & things looked hopefully however on Tuesday we had 3 lads in who stopped in store & showed us their bare behinds.... 'thank you deer'.... I thought!!!
They then sat on a £1,250 sofa like that!! I wish I hadn't complained as it just getting worse.

Now is that frost on my very large living room window?????

No!!!! I was sat happily watching Coronation street & eating a very nice lemon sponge pudding last night when there was a loud bang...... frozen with fear I turned the TV off & waited ....nothing... I ran upstairs to look out the window & there was no one outside. I came back to the living room & heard a odd sound.... like running water. Taking a peep through the curtains my worse fears were confirmed..... the very large window had shattered. I ran back upstairs & there was a large gang of children just up the road cheering & jumping up & down. Their ages.... about 8-10 years old!!!
I called 999 & it took about 15 mins for the police to arrive by which time the children were gone!
Going outside this is what had done the damage.......

I can't believe I didn't hear them come into the garden.... it must have been thrown at close range because it's really heavy.
And what did the police say????...... Did you see them do it?? uuummm no I had the curtains drawn!!
The gang appeared again so they went off to talk to them.
On their return I was told the children said they didn't do it....... well that's ok then.... at least we now know they're not stupid!!!
OH suggested that they take finger prints from the slab & the gate but they didn't think this was a good idea. I asked who would pay for the damage..... and the answer...well us!!!

They did offer to get someone out to sort it but as I pointed out I don't have the money. He then said the window could go at any time so I had a terrible night sleep waiting for the crash of glass.

This is what I found this morning.....

It's not as bad as we thought last night, at least it's only one pain of glass broke. Thank goodness for safety glass & double glazing.
Now just have to wait for the community police office to come today to give us a crime number so we can try & claim on insurance & a glazier.

This is the 2nd time it's happened in 6 months..... the last time someone was trying to get away from some thugs who were beating him up. He was put through our porch window with a screw driver in his head. The shock of this made my very ill cat even worse so we had to to put him to sleep that day. Last night all the painful memories came back.

As some of you know we were planning on moving as OH hates living here..... we've just decided to stay here until the credit crunch is over but now we're back to square one!!!
Anyone want to buy a house?????


  1. Oh dear never rains but it flamin' pours eh?!
    As for those college students..I know what I'd like to do to them!
    Hope you have a better day today.

  2. Oh my god that all sounds awful.
    With luck you'll be able to move away soon :-)

    I hope those students didn't sit on the 1K sofa with their bare bums!!

  3. OMG that's awful, little b*st*rds! I feel so sorry for you. The previous incident sounds horrendous as well :(

    mel xxx

  4. I'm so sorry about your experiences. That must have been so frightening for you.

    Love & hugs


  5. Oh Josie, what a S*it time your having. Mel Mel had some trouble with teenage thugs this week too. I can't imagine how horrible it must make you feel. I hope you manage to claim on your insurance for the window at least. ((((((big hugs))))) Pixie. xxx

  6. You poor thing! It's horrible living somewhere where your things are in jeopardy! We used to have kids running up and down our cars, that was enough for us and was the main reason for us to move to the sticks away from people. Do you think you'll be able to sell now or are you going to wait?

  7. OMG! What has happened to you is awful but what is most shocking is the age of the children.
    That's the same age as my daughter, what the hell are they doing hanging around in gangs anyway.
    Fingers crossed you'll be able to move soon.
    Sending big hugs your way
    Beki xxx

  8. Oh dear, so sorry to hear that things don't seem to be getting better. I can imagine your fright. I can't believe the ages of the children, it does worry me,

    Victoria x

  9. I'm so sorry for you, and totally know how you must be feeling.....makes you feel sick to think that they will just get away with it, what the heck is the world coming too!?????

    My dream is to move to the middle of a field with a high wall and hide inside!

    we both have had a rubbish time...big (((hug))))


  10. Oh no! that's absolutely dreadful. You poor thing. I'd be so ashamed if my boys were ever to do something like that!! x

  11. Oh no, you poor thing, that's just horrendous. What makes me angry is that the police either can't be bothered or are unable to do anything about these thugs, it just leaves you feeling so helpless (and angry) and obviously poorer, in this case.
    I really hope they get their come uppance somehow...
    Hen x

  12. My jaw is on the floor, I am so sorry to read whats happened to you,little sheets need horsewhipping.
    I want to come & get you & bring you here,theres a cottage up for rent in this village :o)
    Stick a sold sign up & leave the keys with an agent,thats whatI would feel like doing. How dare these losers take peoples happiness like this? if it happened to them they would be outraged? yet they find it funny to do to others.

    Big hugs to you sweetpea x x x
    GTM x x x

  13. Oh poor you. This all sounds so awful. Things can only get better.

    Love Jayne xxxx

  14. Thanks for the advice hun. I think you are very wise not to have any children, if I'm honest I shouldn't really have done but there we go! There's no way I could homeschool her, but I still don't know what decision to make either :(

    Mel xxx

  15. Your poor sister xxx

    It couldn't of been easy for you and the rest of your family either.
    I know someone who lost a daughter at the same age, she had a very rare form of epilepsy. You can never get over something like that.
    Hope this week has got better for you.
    Have a good weekend.
    Beki xxx

  16. I have never been to your blog, but know how you feel. There seems no deterrent for these scummy morons!!! I had my house broken into a few years ago, by 2 girls aged 12, and 15, also they scratched my car all over, and wrote obscenities on the boot, and bonnet. with my stolen door key!!!! I was devastated!!!
    i can understand you wanting to move, but don't act too hastily. Things will pick up, and don't make yourselves even more out of pocket, because of those

    Sharon xx

  17. We're in a similar situation as yourself and were planning to move but due to the credit crunch or whatever it is called now are having to stay put.Luckily it is a nice area. I feel so sorry for you. It is amazing how children so young would behave in such an awful way. x

  18. Why do they do it?
    They should be at home doing their homework!
    Blimming pests!

    I'm so chuffed you have 2 wks off!
    I'll send the bag this wek....just have to get up to the Unicorn...hoping half day...
    So what have you got planned?

  19. Oh no, how awful. I'm so sorry you've been put through all this, and the police sound worse than useless. I wish I could say something wonderful that would magically help, but that stinks, it really does. x

  20. Are you up yet?
    I'm jealous, want to be off too!

    I will be in 3 wks, taking the week off before my new job begins on the 6th of April.....
    Keep getting a knot in my tummy tho!


  21. i am so sorry to read what has happened to you - you must be so frustrated by the situation too. there are some lovely children but there are also some little terrors that do such terrible things. i am so sorry to hear about your cat. you have had a dreadful time but i hope things get better for you soon

  22. What a bunch of little gits! And that on top of the trouble at the shop! We live in quite a nice area but we've had kids running over the car and had a car window put through with a brick. It's our intention to ultimately move somewhere with very few neighbours!

  23. Hi,

    Yes I have read The House at Riverton, that was why i wanted the writers next book.

    Def try ordering the books in. It's almost like Amazon ordering them in!!! When you request a book you can see where in the list you are to receive them and it tells you when they come in store and the library even phones you as well!

    Victoria xx