Monday, 16 March 2009

Spring has sprung!!!

Hello everyone, I can't believe a week of freedom has gone, only 1 week left, why does it go so fast??
It's been beautiful here for the last few days so I thought I would share some garden pictures with you.
Here's Nanny enjoying the morning sunshine....
He was rolling around & looking so cute!!!
This is my front garden....

It's a bit wild because I gave up on it over the winter period, I thought we would've moved by now. Still don't know what's happening with the house move so I guess I need to get out there!!

I love these flowers & when I lived in the city centre I tried everything I could to grow them but never had any luck. When we were doing up this house the front garden was full of rubbish, everything from a bath to the old toilet!!! The following spring these little beauties came up!!!
I really want to cover this side of the garden with stones to make it look neater but I can't bring myself to cover these up... not when they make such an effort every year. This morning it looked like a sea of blue when the sun was coming up.

Yesterday I went to visit my brother & his girlfriend to see baby Matthew......

No I didn't hold him!!! I crocheted the little dog in a couple of evening... I thought he was quite cute. Another friend visited at the same time & was really confused that I'd knitted the blanket & monkey & then crocheted the dog!!! I guess if you can't do it you don't understand how easy it is!!! They also had a box of cardigans, jumpers & blankets that my mum had made... this lady was calling us the crafty family!!
Now this is who I really went to see........

He's called Storm, I was offered him last September just after I lost Charlie because my brothers other cat had an accident & had to have her leg pinned etc. At the time Storm was just a kitten & getting in the way, I now really wish I had taken him. The photo doesn't do him justice, he's huge!!! He looks like my first ever cat Jason who I had for my 3rd birthday. Yes I did hold the cat!!!!
Sorry I haven't been leaving many comments, I haven't been at home much.
Cheltenham update..... I won £61 in 4 days!!!! Now where's the nearest CK shop!!!


  1. Hi Joe,
    Hope you're enjoying your time off. Love the little crocheted dog, very cute. Love Storm the cat too, lovely and furry! One of our cats is massive, they seem to have larger than life personalities too. Don't blame you for holding the cat instead of the baby! Much less trouble...!
    Hen x

  2. Enjoy your last week!

    Cute kitty!
    sweet baby!

    A few ££££ there to spend daft...yippee...CK!!!!


  3. the nearest CK shop might be very near before long,Joe!!! (See my blog) LOL ;-)
    Well done with Cheltenham;-)

  4. I meant to say..I saw your lovely crocheted flowers in JF,on Sat! ;-)

  5. Your pussy cats a darling!!!

    Sam xx

  6. Hi Joe!

    My first pair of CK slippers were ok, they lasted quite well, then started to fray they were much patched, I loved them!
    They were the ones with the little birdy on.....I've kepted them, was too sad to throw them out, I'm sad I know, but hey thats me!

    Going out for St Pats tomorrow?


  7. P.S.....cheers hun, i will get it sorted!xxx