Thursday, 26 February 2009

Kick up the backside needed!!

I've been having a odd week ..... I can't be bothered to do anything & it seems I've lost my craftiness!!! I've had a few knitting orders but I don't want to knit.... I need to make lots of crocheted flowers but I don't want to crochet.... no what I want to do is stare at the TV & watch rubbish!!!

Work is stressful at the moment & I really need a holiday. I'm off from the 9th March for 2 weeks & I can't wait!! Last week we had a few shoplifters, I confronted one & got a load of abuse... I'm very placid but I got very cross with them... I suddenly realised what I was doing & I imagined the phone call to my parents telling them 'well at least she got the stock back but I'm afraid...... ' No I stepped back at this point, let them take it its not worth getting hurt for.

The police have told me that the shoplifters are now carrying needles to inject anyone who tries to stop them. Two days later we had 2 guys trying to get a sofa... I kid you not... I guess the credit crunch is hitting everyone!!! Just after this happened Sal from SAL'S SNIPPETS came in... how lovely to see a friendly face. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a manager... I just don't need all this rubbish.

We're also having problems with students from the local college cutting through the shop.. this saves them from walking around a corner!! It's been happening for years but is starting to get worse. On average we have over 1,000 a week... can you believe it?? On Tuesday I had a gang of 9 boys...... they sat on the sofa in the window for 20 mins shouting etc.... I knew they were waiting for me to throw them out but I really didn't want to give them the pleasure... anyway after several complaints from customers I had to ask them to leave. I was trying to be jokey but they called me a fat b*t*ch!!! I was so shocked.... not that I'm not aware I'm fat but I prefer tubby!!.... the fact they could come into a shop & abuse a member of staff.... what is the world coming to. I called the college but they wanted to know if I'd asked their name.... uuummmm NO!! I was suppose to have a call today from the top dog but it didn't happen... oh what a surprise!!

So that's my rubbish week so far... I'm off for the weekend.... yippee... my first since beginning of Jan. Then only next week to go.... I'm hoping to get back to crafting on my holidays ... so many ideas but I need to start doing something now.

I think the motto for the rest of the week will be.....

BTW I feel I have to clear up the fact I'm not a cider drinking hooligan... my friend read my post & said it sounded that way.... I'm a nice girl... honest!!!! I thought I'd share the fact I had a skinhead because it's funny now......those people who have meet me will know I have lot's & lot's of hair & it's quite long!!! I hate having my hair cut now.

I hope to be back at the weekend with a more cheerful post!!!


  1. Poor you, it sounds like you've had a real crap time of it, you certainly deserve a holiday.
    Sending big hugs your way.
    Beki xxx

  2. Hi Joe,
    What horrendous people! It's really more than you should have to cope with, sounds like you need a security guard. Pathetic response from the college.
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. The matryoshkas are from "Holland Fabric House", she has an online shop and an Etsy shop too. I'll be taking the crochet rolls to the fair if they've not sold. Also got a few local craft fairs coming up so we'll see how those go. Make the most of your weekend off...
    Hen x

  3. What a pain for you!
    I can understand why people use the doors as a short cut..I do the same, sometimes!
    What would happen if one door was permanently closed? Maybe that's the answer?
    The fact is that you shouldn't have to put up with all that cr*p from rude,abusive students!
    It's disgusting. And they are a threat to you, your staff and your shoppers.. and that's not on!
    Hope you get it sorted out soon!
    I'll try and bring my friendly face again.. asap! ;-)

  4. What a ghastly week you have had :o( Sometimes its good to sit & do nothing,rather than fret you are not doing things,just try to accept its a quiet lull in things,you will soon be up & at it all again :O)
    I would be tempted to close one of the sets of doors,a notice to customers apologising & saying its a tempory measure, & also a word with the school or college asking them to point out to students its not a throughfare,grrrrrr
    Sadly there are so many with little idea how to behave themselves,it baffles me at times :o(
    Hope you have a lovely weekend x x
    GTM x

  5. Hello my dear!

    Sorry, fell asleep and did no emails!

    Do you want me to send you one of those bags i sent Sian....popping to Unicorn soon....

    Some ppl are so blimming awful...the world is a shocking a dreadful place sometimes....I can see why Tome warp wives had the right to retire from the rat race....its hell!

    So pleased for you that you have the whole weekend off!


  6. How strange I have read them....a few yrs back....would like to again...must hunt them out, must be at my Mum's still!

    Have a super weeeknd!xxx

  7. Gah, little b*s*t*r*ds! I've got quite a temper on me so I'd probably have given them a mouthful! That's scary about the shoplifters with the needles, I'd not heard that before. It's about 10 years since I worked in retail but I can remember how rude some people could be.

    mel xxx

  8. Hope you're feeling better today.
    Just read your comment on Silkie Sue's blog. Will you be going to the Bristol CK? I didn't even now it was there untill quite recently and as it's my nearest one i'm itching to get there. Unfortunately finances stopping me at the moment.
    Have a good weekend
    Beki xxx

  9. Sounds like you've been having a dreadful week - hope it improves and hope that the holiday does the trick.

    No probs at all about another coming in the car to the fair. Am really looking forward to it.

    Hope you enjoy your holiday and regain your crafting mojo!

    PS Am more than happy to pass on the book once I've read it, if you don't mind waiting...

  10. Hi that does sound like a ddemanding week you have had. Some people are just so rude and mean. I think I would have knocked them all out (mmm well, yes but maybe not the best idea!)
    can you send me your email as my blog is going private and I want you to visit , Your email will be safe only I will see it
    x Dom

  11. It does sound like you've had a trying week! Keep counting down to your holiday and some time out.

    Victoria xx

  12. You poor thing, certainly don't risk your life stopping them hun! We had our Landrover Defender siphoned on Friday night. It only had 1/3 tank, but someone went to all the trouble to get the diesel! It's a shocking state of affairs at the moment!

  13. Just stopped by your blog and had to leave a comment. What an awful week, I think anyone would feel like you do, why do people have to be so awful?
    I hope you have a great holiday and enjoy doing your crafting.
    Take care.