Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Interesting day

Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments on the last post... I'm still feeling rubbish but better then I felt on Saturday/Sunday.... thanks to drugs!!!
I went to work yesterday at 7.45, the store manager was due in at 10am so I was planning on waiting until he arrived & then heading back to bed.... when he came in he asked how I was feeling & was I OK to stay... he then said I could go home later.... well the day went on & finally at 4pm he said I could go.... I was due to finish at 4.30 anyway!!! Don't think he likes being the only manager in!!!
When I got home I had an envelope from Cath... my samples that I ordered 19th Jan from the web site.... I'd forgotten all about them!!!

The small ones on the right are from LA. I really wanted the circus one because I had plans to cut out Stanley on the bike & frame him..... can you see what they did......


Today was thankfully my day off & I was hoping to spend time with my OH as I haven't really seen him for over a week..... he was trapped in Majorca by the snow this end & had to stay another day.... so what with that & me working we've been like ships in the night. However he had other plans..... things are a bit tense here at the moment with the forthcoming move. He had to see someone at the bank today to sort out the money needed but it didn't go well........ he wasn't very happy so has decided to stay in his office tonight... there's a flat out the back. He was cross with me for going to work as he said I look 'terrible'... thanks I thought!!! It's not that easy phoning in sick. So that meant yet other day alone for me. Men!!!!!

My Valentine swap arrived yesterday but I was working :(
It will be re delivered to work on Thursday..... yippee.
I was supposed to post my swap on Friday but due to the snowy weather I couldn't get to the post office.... I also realised that I didn't have a jiffy bag big enough... not a problem I thought I'll get one on Saturday... I forgot.... never mind I'll get it on Monday..... I forgot. So today is the last day for posting & I can't do it.... sorry Jayne!!!
I promise I'll take it to work tomorrow where I know we do have jiffy bags & I'll get one of the staff to run it to the post office.... I'm the only manager in for the next 2 days so can't leave the store for 10 hours :(
I'm sure it'll arrive before Sauturday.
Here's a taster of things to come........

I've been fiddling around making purses for the last few evenings... I'm doing some summer fairs & I've also got a few shops interested in selling some of my things. I finished it off today & got out the iron to press it before sewing on the lining..... I unplugged the iron & then lent across burning the inside of my arm......arrrrgh!!!
I went to the shop on Saturday to buy a zip for the purse... I had it on Saturday evening because I was measuring with it..... & now it's gone!!!!
No .....I really mean gone..... I've looked everywhere & it's not here.....

Now this is a bit weird because my mum gave me a knitting pattern last year for a toy she had made me as a child..... I made one for Liv & I was planning on making one for Bracken & that's gone too...... now I'm not the most tidy person but I never lose anything.
And here's another thing.... I lost my hankie yesterday at work.... about 10 years ago I went to John Lewis in Oxford street & brought some lovely hankie which I use all the time..... they have seen me though many a cold & funeral..... I didn't have a pocket yesterday so I tucked it in my waist band.... as I was leaving the store at lunch time i noticed it wasn't there..... OK so it must have fallen out in the locker room.... nope.... we have searched the store top to bottom & it's not there..... yes I did make my staff look for my used hankie.... they love me!!!

I'm very upset about this... now I know it's just a hankie but I hate loosing things & it reminds me of a happy day spent in London.... happy days are few & far between these days. Tomorrow I shall phone CK & buy one of the new boat hankies to cheer myself up.... if I order from the web site it may be here for next year's winter cold!!!!!
Hope you've all had a interesting day!!!


  1. my ck samples came with a big SAMPLE written across them,not once but twice on one of them!!

    you lucky thang!lol

    hope your feeling a little better now


  2. Hello Hun....Glad your treating yourself to the boat hankie, tis lovely...I would like a couple, so will spend my Birthday money on them....a good investment...

    Its my half day tomorrow, but it won't be a fun afternoon, going somewhere to sort out the £££ problems...cheery!

    The other manager sounds really mean....fancy making you hang on like that...ggrr!

    When Olly gets off the upsatirs pooter I'll email you!xxx

  3. I'm doing pasta, with tomato, herb and ham sauce...lazy but tasty!
    I'm shattered!
    Watching the Good life!xxx

  4. Oh no, you sound like you're having a rough few days :( How crappy of the other manager to make you stay. And to lose the hankie as well, I hope it suddenly turns up somewhere unexpected.

    That's really annoying about CK cutting the sample in just that place. Like Rachel above they stamped all mine. I did scrub it off a couple of nights ago but the patterns have faded where I have!

    Mel xxx

  5. Oh Josie, have a ((((big hug))))) it sounds like your having a really rubbish time at the moment. You go on a treat yourself to that new hankie, although you may be better phoning the order through!!!!!! xxxxx

  6. I actually got my tin from ebay, may be worth taking a look!
    I had the same problems with my CK samples, the one I was most excited about (cowboy) was cut in just the wrong place and was good for nothing.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

    p.s love your comment about being cute while asleep, certainly made me chuckle. When he's not asleep he keeps me on my toes and wears me out. Nothing to do with my age lol x

  7. Hi Joe,
    Oh dear, it all sounds a bit like hard work down in Exeter, poor you. I spotted the new hankies on the Cath site and rather fancy some though it said they were out of stock? I'll bide my time...! I think you're doing very well, soldiering on at work. What is your OH playing at?? Bad boy! Your purses are looking good. I tried doing the ripple pattern at my crochet class today, first row looked great, got to the end of the second and didn't have enough stitches left - not impressed!
    The lost hankie is surely all the more reason for another trip to the big smoke..?
    Hen x

  8. Thankyou very much for your words of encouragement about my crocheting!!

    Sam xx

  9. Oh no, what bad luck that the sample fabric was cut like that... boo! I'm sure a new hankie will cheer you up again!

  10. Just to let you know that I have received my Valentine Swap today - and I absolutly love everything! The knitted heart is gorgeous, the applique hanging is beautiful, as is the book mark, the book, candle and chocolate, Hotel Chocolat at that!

    I can't thank you enough. I'm so glad you were my swap. I will show photographs on my blog at the weekend, when I have a little more time.

    Once again, thank you so much, everthing was fantastic!

    Love Jayne xxx