Saturday, 21 February 2009

Awards & 25 things....

Thanks Bekimarie for these awards....

She's also tagged me .... so here goes 25 things about me.....

  1. I have 5 brothers & sisters & 13 nieces & nephews....with another one due today.... but strangely I don't like children!!!
  2. I can't walk in a straight line even when I'm sober so hence I don't drive or ride a bike!
  3. I can't swim & hate the sea.
  4. I drink too much cider & have been known as 'Cider women'!!!
  5. I'm a Virgo which is why everything has to be perfect
  6. I like watching horse racing & having a bet
  7. I'm not a girly girly
  8. I used to ride a scooter & go on the scooter rallies
  9. I used to have a skinhead.... see above!
  10. I'm a music snob... if it's not music I like I won't listen to it..... don't let me near a juke box!!
  11. I love Sunday roasts with a nap in the afternoon
  12. My ideal meal out would be fish & chips on a seaside wall with a can of date!!
  13. I've been knitting since I was a child & I've taught loads of people over the years.... including some male scooterist!!! I won't say who!
  14. I love 'the kids from fame' ....sad I know but I still listen to it on my i-pod & I was very happy when it came out on DVD
  15. I don't like the cinema... it's too loud & the screens are too big
  16. I have a fear of large buildings after seeing the Maryrose as a child. I can't go near St Paul's & I have panic attacks if I'm visiting a new city
  17. I've seen a ghost
  18. I would like a St Bernard or a Bernese mountain dog... well if you're going to have a dog have a big one!
  19. I would like a vintage car.... if I can't have one then I won't drive
  20. I was born in the wrong era
  21. I like history & I love finding out about the wars, I've visited several WW1 cemeteries
  22. I couldn't live without my Sky+
  23. I like to go to sing-a-long-a..... Rocky Horror is my fave.. me & my friend were caught if full outfits at 5pm in the afternoon by Roger Taylor & his wife.... remember Duran Duran?? How embarrassing??? They were collecting furniture from work as we were leaving
  24. I like to grow my own veg
  25. I love animals.... when I was young I used to travel in the boot of the car with the dogs (please note this was before stupid H&S rules) they were better company then my sisters

Phew glad that's over with.... mind you now I sound like a weirdo so maybe I shouldn't have done it!!


  1. You've missed one out Joe...

    'Men with eye patches turn me on '


  2. Wow, interesting facts... you're one of those people that shows up how boring my life has been!!!

    I used to love travelling in the boot of the car too, Dad was excellent for letting us do stuff like that :D

    I'm not keen on the cinema either. Something about having to sit still for that long is just too much. I like watching films at home where you can have a break when you want!

    Mel xxx

  3. Great post! So interesting, it's hard to know who the 'real' person behind a blog is, and this gave us a little insight. How cool that you went on scooter rallies!

  4. Hiya......thank you so much for the lovely gift.....its perfect!


  5. Hi,

    Can you believe I haven't seen one of the Oscar films!! Should change that!

    Victoria x

  6. My half day tomorrow...I'll email you for a catch up...hope all is well?xx

  7. I'm already hooked, it's so addictive. I still have to really concentrate at the moment but would imagine once i've got the hang of it, it could be really relaxing and theraputic.
    Loved your 25 facts, of course i'm always going to picture you as a cider swilling, scooter riding skinhead now lol!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  8. I have no doubt that you're a nice girl and I think your facts make you sound fun, not horrible.
    I'm the same age as you and when I think of some of the things i've worn and done I cringe.
    Beki xxx

  9. How did it go today?
    Bet you were great, you know loads I'm sre about this kind of stuff.....more clued up than me!

    Fancy passing your Knowledge on to us here!?
    Sure there is something I could do with learning!xxxx

  10. Great 25 things Josie. Well done on the awards too.