Thursday, 5 February 2009

I'm back....

Sorry for the delay in posting. Lots going on at home at the moment so it's hard to focus. It looks like I will be moving very soon...... decision just made, all a bit out of the blue because I thought we had decided to stay but hey ho!!

One of the reasons why I don't want to leave.

So what have I been up to in the last 10 days..... well not very much.... having problems with the Internet so last week I had to go for 3 days with out it.... how do you cope?? When it came back on it took forever to catch up on all the posts I've missed!!

On my day off last week I had a crafty day ..... no blogs to distract me!! I finished my valentine swap.... can't show photo's just yet.

I made my friend a birthday gift.... this was very last minute!!

Knitted gloves with crocheted flowers on (of course!!) & a lavender bag.

On Tuesday I went to Brownies.....can't believe I've been 3 times now. We've been looking at the Chinese new year, we made lanterns & tried Chinese food.... this week the girls decorated paper plates with Chinese writting etc. Not sure how much longer I'll be going due to the move.... I did think this week would be my last because I didn't want them to do the police checks etc & then leave but they were cool about it & said to come along for as long as I could.

See even the helpers get to make things!!! I've gone over the top with spring bulbs this year..... I think they're giving me hay fever because I've got a very itchy nose!!

On Thursday 29th January my sister had her baby..... a little girl called Bracken.... not sure of the name.... reminds me of a dog!!! She was 8lb 11oz which is really small for my sister, her last one was over 12lbs oooohhhh...!!

This is her 5 child & it makes me a auntie for the 13th time!! Oh yes my family like having children...... not sure what happened to me...... I don't really like children & believe it or not I've never held a baby. Just not my thing... now if it had a furry jacket on like this.....

Or this........

(My parents dogs.... I can't have a dog because I work full time... one day!!)

I'd love it!!

This is what I've made for Bracken..

It's the first cardigan I've crocheted.... I've only ever done granny squares & flowers before so I'm pleased with the result.

Like most people we had snow on Monday.....

I love the snow & get really excited when it happens. I'm old enough to remember the 70's when it used to snow all the time.

I'm on a day off today which I'm really looking forward to, we had to stock take yesterday, thankfully it's only once a year. I started before 9am & didn't leave until 10.50!! Now that's a long day.... I only had an hour lunch break then 20 mins at 8.30 so I'm really tried today. I was still awake at midnight trying to stop counting!! For someone who's bedtime is 10pm this is not good. My back is killing me & I can hardly walk so I think a lazy day is on the cards. I'm working all weekend so I have tomorrow off as well... think the house work can wait til then. My OH is flying to Majorca today....lucky him.....only away for 2 days but he was up at 4am so hence I was too!! Why can men never do anything quietly??

Has anyone read this book????

It's excellent, a bit fluffy but I really enjoyed it & can't wait to read the next one. My dream is to have a wool shop so I spent the whole time feeling very jealous. What I need is silent business partner with loads of money...... any ideas???!!!!


  1. I'm so glad your back....hugs!
    Wonderful pic's, loving the cute baby one and the SMEG fridge...oh wow!!xxx

  2. P.S....just wanted to say thank you again, my dear....glad we are friends!xxx

  3. Hellooo!

    Aw your niece is gorgeous, and the cardigan you made is lovely. I have no idea how you've managed not to hold a baby with 13 nieces and nephews! Your sister must LOVE children to have that many lol. Nothing wrong with not wanting them though, everyone's different!

    That birthday present is great, if that's last minute I'd love to see what isn't!

    I just sent my valentine swap things off today, all very exciting. Though I forgot to take photos of most things before they were wrapped, doh!

    Mel xxx

  4. Glad you are back..shame you have to move..are you staying in Exeter ?
    Bracken is gorgeous ;-)

  5. Oh sympathies about noisy men.. My dear beloved gets up at 5.30 a.m every day (not weekends) and has to share his noisy banter and ablutions with the family.. even the cat gets a song every morning!

    Michele xx

  6. Nice to have you back Joe. I like the pic of your parents dogs all my favourite breeds! baby pic was cute too of course.

    The cardi is very pretty, I'm sure your sister will love it.

    Like Mel Mel, spotted your smeg and went ooooohhhhh smeg! xxxx

  7. So glad to see you are back. Love the picture of your niece - so cute and the cardigan is lovely.

    Love Jayne xxx

  8. Congratulations on being an auntie again, Bracken is an usual name but I like it. My nephew who was born last year is Brody and everyone finds that usual! Your cardi you made is fabulous.

    I'm VERY jealous of your SMEG fridge.

    Sing-alongs are great fun from the sounds of it, I haven't made it to one yet but should change that!!

    Victoria xxx

  9. Yey! Not that there's anything wrong with having children, but boy was I beginning to think I was a weirdo for not liking them. I'm just not interested. I love my god children (in small doses) but I tend to follow them around with a dust pan and brush!

    I love your kitchen, very cool!

    You are so talented btw! :-)