Friday, 6 February 2009

More snow & tarting up......

Last night at 9pm my friend text to say ... 'OMG...look out the window!!'...... I had given up on snow, the forecast said we would have light snow on Friday am & heavy snow on Monday. Well I forced myself out of my chair... I'd sat there for about 5 hours, you'll see why in a moment. When I looked out of the window I couldn't believe my eyes... the snow was so heavy it covered cars etc within about 15 mins. Of course I had to go out in the garden.....I was in my pyjamas but that didn't stop me!!!

I stayed up until 10.30 just looking out the window & at 4.30 this morning I got up very bleary eyed to look outside & it was still here!!! On switching on the TV I see we're all over the news.... fancy that little ole Exeter being on Sky news!!

What's funny is that the Met office is just down the road from me & they didn't forecast it.... even last night when it was coming down the met office web site was still showing cloud for us!! They could've changed it by looking out the window!!

So why was I sat in my chair for 5 hours......

Well you didn't think I would leave the cardi plain did you???

I've also worked out how to crochet shoes.....

These were really fiddly but hey I like to fiddle with yarn, hooks & needles. The first one took me hours to make but I'd got the hang of it by the second one. I watched Atonement whilst fiddling... I love that film... I've seen it it about 5 times which is unlike me I don't normally like watching films over & over unless it a classic.

Now today I really must get out of this chair & do some housework....


  1. Exeter on the news!!
    Radio Devon have been brilliant all day.
    What a prat that GMTV man was saying that Haldon Hill used to be called Telegraph Hill!!
    He kept saying I emailed him and put him right.

  2. I love the cardi its beautiful and the flower just sets it off

    Great shoes as well

    Our snow has nearly gone but we are due some more so my Auntie says - but then she does have a snow obsession


  3. Those shoes are so cute! The cardie is gorgeous too.

    It's been snowing hard here most of the day, my husband got sent home from work, yay!

    Mel xxx

  4. Cardigan looks lovely and those shoes are adorable!
    I've not got round to watching Attonement yet (i keep picking the dvd up in Morrisons) but I did pick up the book for 50p today so I think i'll get stuck into that later.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  5. Beautiful cardi, you are so bloomin talented! And oh those shoes are adorable!! I enjoyed Atonement but thought the ending was a bit disapointing, plus I find Kiera Knightly is rather annoyingly pouty!! x

  6. The cardigan is adorable and the shoes, ohooo gorgeous and you are very, very talented :)

    Thank you so much for your very kind comments, they mean so much




  7. lovely lovely crochet things - i can still only do flowers i really must try something else soon! love atonement - i decided the film couldnt be as good as the book then found myself loving it and seen in a few times as well :-) had to laugh at you going outside in pj's LOL
    Lesley x

  8. Those shoes are just adorable!!!

    I love the film Atonement too...

    Victoria xx

  9. Woohoo, I feel so happy! I love cats, they are great aren't they? Tim's not bothered either way, if anything I think he knows we can't afford them because I'd have to give up my job and I pay all the bills. I have plenty to keep me busy and the freedom and peace and quiet that I cherish so much so I am more than happy!

  10. I have an award for you over at my blog.

    Also just to let you know that I posted your Vaentine's Swap yesterday. I had just come out of the post office and was listening to the car radio, when I realised you were probably snowed in! I just hope it gets to you quickly.

    Love Jayne xxxx

  11. Congratulations on your new niece. The cardy and shoes are gorgeous. Crochet does me in. I can do it but don't really 'get' it in the same way that I 'get' knitting! We have been getting very excited over all the snow too.

  12. This is a beautiful sweater. I just knit my first child cardi last week. Is this a pattern you can share? I would love to try it. Have a great day! Liz