Sunday, 8 February 2009

Kind friends & treats...

Thank you MelMel for the lovely gift that was waiting for me when I returned to work yesterday :)
My manager had put it in my tray & was asking what it was, I tried to explain but he couldn't understand..... 'so let me get this've never met this person but she's sending you a gift to cheer you up???' !!!
I've been feeling a bit down since I found out I have to move so MelMel sent this to cheer me up... how kind.... a lovely CK purse, stickers & postcards (which I haven't seen before) & a little white heart....

In Thursday's post I mentioned that I may have hay fever from all the spring bulbs in the house... nope it's a full on cold :(
I woke up on Friday feeling pretty rubbish but that was nothing to how I felt yesterday. I went to work but at 11.30 I felt so ill I asked to go home.... I was told to wait until the store manager had his lunch then I could go.... it came & went.... at 2pm I was told to go for lunch. I had to go to the handicraft shop to get one button for the shoes I made & this is what I came away with....

Some lovely FQ's .... I've never brought Amy Butler fabric before but because I felt so bad I treated myself....... it was cheaper then a Saturday night out!!! I remembered the button just as I was leaving..... when I got home I had brought the wrong one....GOON!!! Lucky I had brought 2 so now the shoes have different buttons to the cardi but I don't think it matters... they're both flower shape.
So where was I.... returning from lunch I was told to sit at the computer & look busy as I was very pale..... I thought ...just send me home!!! You don't like to ask twice do you?? So there I sat blowing my big red nose looking pale & ill when finally at 3.30 I was told to head off home to bed. I was working today so I think he wanted me well enough to go in.... which I did but I must say I didn't do very much!!! It's so quite at the moment ..... what with the bad weather & the credit crunch Exeter was like a ghost town today!!! I'll soldier on & go in tomorrow to open the store at 8am but I don't think I'll see the day out.
Any tips to get rid of a cold???? It's been lurking in the back ground since November so at least it's finally coming out.

This is what I've been fiddling with for the last 2 evenings.... I'll show you the results when I've finished.... loving these colours.... in fact I've brought the same 2 balls of wool twice not realising I already had them.... I must really like the colours!!! Good job they're cheap!!


  1. Hiya

    How lovely of MelMel to send you that gorgeous surprise, she is a sweetheart.

    Hope you're feeling a LOT better soon, there's nothing worse than being at work when you feel rubbish. I'm afraid my only cold related tip is Night Nurse, a good night's sleep always makes it go quicker and it's usually the most difficult thing to get when you're all bunged up :(

    Mel xxx

  2. Sending you a get well wish , I like hot homemade lemon and whiskey for a cold !!

    If you want some more wool just let me know ,i am having a big wool giveaway /clearout so i can get my sewing room finished !!

    Sara x

  3. Those prezzies off Mel are lovely - she seems really lovely.

    For a cold thats hanging on I would take echinacea - it helps boost your immune system

    Hope you feel better soon


  4. no tips on the cold josie, i've had mine since november too. Working with kids means i keep getting the bugs. You would have thought your work could have sent you home a bit earlier than 3.30, I think at the end of the day your only a number in their book. I've worked in retail for about 10 yrs in the past, so know what its like. What lovely goodies from Mel Mel, she's such a sweetie. Hope you feel better soon, have a ((((((big hug)))) from me.

  5. Hi hun, I know you have been so sad, so I'm glad the gift cheered you up, just something to make you smile!xxxx

  6. Hi Joe,
    Sorry you've been feeling under the weather, I think it's dreadful that they made you hang around at work like that. You definitely deserved that nice new fabric to cheer you up. Wonder what you'll make with it? How kind of Mel to send you some goodies. And we all have our swap to look forward to this week. I'd better get on with it!
    Hen x

  7. What a lovely little package from MelMel, I'm sure it cheered you up loads. Your FQs are lovely too. Hope your feeling better xx

  8. Hope you feel better soon

    Victoria xxx

  9. oh lovely melmel she is a sweetie :-) hope your feeling better soon :-(
    maybe a creme egg for breakfast would help .... go on you know you want too....... ;-)

  10. Hello are you feeling now?

    Work is crap!
    Roll on that euro mills win eh?

    If CK opened in would be the bestest manager EVER!!!

    I'm helping Olly with his job interview thingy, he's driving me MAD!!!!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!


  11. hi

    Hope you are feeling better. These colds are awful aren't they - my Dad's had one that's been hanging around for months as well. Whiskey is his (and my) cure of choice, on the basis that it either kills all the germs, or if you have too much the hangover makes you forget all about the cold!

    Definitely on for the vintage fair - will be in touch nearer the time to sort arrangments but would be lovely to have someone to go with, so do hope you can come. x

  12. Haha my kind of gal - fat quarters/night out... no contest! LOL.
    Melmel is lovely to have sent those things. I'm sure it helped a little - these acts of kindness are always so unexpected they can do so much.
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on dd's post - she was thrilled by it all. xxx

  13. Hi there,

    People outside the 'Land of Blog' don't get what's it's all about do they!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Vanessa x

  14. Hi Joe...thank you for asking about my Mum....not good, still having worries and tears about him....I'll email you later are you?xxx

  15. Hi hope you are feeling better. That was a lovely sweet surprise from Melmel. Cath Kidston is good at cheering us all up sometimes. Or giving us a treat x Dom