Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sewing, chaos & naughty cats!! Don't read this Jayne!!

It's official...... 'I hate bondaweb' (or what ever it's called!!!!)

Today is my day off & I planned to use this day to make my valentine swap gift... hence why Jayne shouldn't read this because she may take a peep!! I was all ready to go with my ironing board which hasn't seen the light of day for years.... I even brought a lovely CK cover years & years ago but it doesn't make me want to do it!!

Anyway back to the point..... I was already to use bondaweb for the first time when I realised the the webby bit had come away from the paper... is that normal??? Having traced my images from the CK 'Make' book I then tried to get them on the paper... I was using letters & forgot the mirror image!!!..... so I ended up in a right mess with bit's of fabric stuck to the ironing board cover but not to the fabric I wanted it stuck to..... Never again!!!

While all this was happening my cat was trying to get in my fabric bag on the sofa..... hope Jayne isn't allergic to cats!!...... & the other one was playing with the string hanging off the ironing board.... give me strength!!

(can you see my supply of Green & Black chocolate?? I hide it in my sewing bag so my OH doesn't eat it all!!!)

So I took a break & had roast Chicken then got out my new sewing machine. This will be the first time I used it & it's fab..... so many stitches.... I've always had a really old machine so it's all new to me. I like the zig zag stitch... I like the way the needle moves.... little things......!!!!

So I'm doing really well with the machine & ....... I ran out of red cotton!!! So I had to call it a day... just when I was having fun!!!

I think I should stick to my knitting in future.......

Talking of knitting..... I've set up a new blog called Kids knits (this is what my web site was called) & I've put a link on the side bar. People often ask if I sell my knitting so I don't think I'm being too cheeky!!!! Please take a look, I would like feedback good or bad. I have to email it to quite a few people next week...... I know the photo's aren't great, a friend did them for me because she had a really good camera!!!


  1. Thank you very much for my award, will get on to it later.
    Just had a quick look at your kids knits, love the mouse hat and booties.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. What a day for you!! ;-)
    Looking forward to seeing your 'for sale' items ;-)

  3. Hi Joe,
    Love that furry friend of yours! Your website looks good and I just LOVE those hats, in particular. If I had a small one, I would definitely be buying one (two, three etc)! So glad you are liking your new machine.
    Hen x

    P.S. Thanks for the awards - can't remember if I've said that yet or not?

  4. I just saw the bootees too, tooo cute! You clever lady!

  5. Hi Josie
    Bondaweb only 'lives' for 6 months or so. I found out the hard way - about 2 months ago when I tried to use some of my 12 month old 2 metre piece!! Such a waste. I have now gone over to 'steam a seam'. It's much better and it lasts. I live in Exmouth and the nearest place that sells it is in Axminster? But you can buy it on e-bay.
    Good Luck

  6. Hi hun!
    Better day today?

    Love your cute!

    Sorry about the annoying!
    Hope you get sorted for your swap!


  7. thankyou for the award!
    your cats so cute!
    sounds like you have had fun....hehe

    ill go and have a look at your other blog now


  8. What a day you had! But how lovely your ironing area looks! And how gorgeous your cat looks too.
    I have a secret stash of chocolate too - but I'm a galaxy gal! LOL. My children discovered my secret stash a while ago, and now they think it's only fair if they have secret stashes! Oh dear.
    I find bondaweb tricky as well and don't use it often. x

  9. Just taken a look at your knits - wow, you are clever. If mine were tiny, I'd have loved a mouse hat. They are so sweet. x

  10. You have an award waiting for you! XX

  11. Want to email amd tell me all about it?xx

  12. I hate bondaweb too, can't seem to get it in the place I want and always end up with it all over my iron, grr!

  13. Hello the email and messaged back....also I'm sending you a cheerful parcel....sending it to it will brighten your day....((((hugs))))


  14. i feel exactly the same about most haunted!
    i used to love it!especially round the series with david wells!
    its certainly not as good as it used to be =(