Sunday, 4 January 2009

Christmas gifts & sale bargains

So at last here are my Christmas gifts...... I really needed to put them away but I hate doing that... makes it so final...& of course I had the added pressure of finding the time to take photo's...

In this picture you will see the lovely sewing machine my parents & brother gave me.... I thought it was blue & white but that one was out of stock so the alternative was red & white.. yipee!!

Also the Russian doll painting that my friend Helen did for me.... as I make most of my gifts I wanted to encourage my friends to do the same.... isn't she clever??? Makes you wonder why she's working in habitat!! She also gave me a lucky cat necklace from Etsy which is too small to show.

The suitcase is from Liv, the little girl I make all the knitted things for, her mum made some fruit chutney & there's some anti-stress face cream (boy do I need that!!). Also a crocheted mat from LA...really pretty.....not sure where that will live.

The scarf is from an old work colleague... I wore it yesterday & got lots of comments. She also gave me a box of M&S chocs but they're lunch time boxing day I believe!!!

OK one........ my gift from MelMel... CK address book & pencil, red spot tea bag holder (been wanting one of these for a while but couldn't find the right one.... well done Mel!!) & a lovely home made heart.

The crochet flower book is from Claire, one of my closest friends, we don't always do Christmas gifts but at the last minute we both brought something from our amazon wish list.

Vintage crochet book was brought with some vouchers a lovely customer gave me.... her & her daughter have been shopping with us for years & I always make sure they know about discount events etc so they get the best bargains. They gave me the vouchers as a thank you gift...... how sweet...good to know there are some nice people out there.

This is my giveaway from Vanessa...... soooooo many things in the spot apron, lavender heart, tissue holder, cup cake bag, wooden star, piece of green fabric, tea plate & a lovely matching tea cup & saucer that she's planted with some crocus bulbs... what a good idea... that picture was taken on Christmas day so it's a lot bigger now.

And finally my sale bargains........ Jamie & Delia from Waterstones... Delia was only £4.99!!!

Yankee candles...1/2 price because they're the Christmas ones but hey I like the smell of Christmas.

From Accessorize the lovely green handbag...I've had my eye on that for a while.... a bit small for me as I like to carry around loads of stuff!! The red spotty purse was brought to put my crochet hooks in, they always get lost in the jug with knitting needles. And my Russian doll these!!

You can just see my beret that my mum knitted for me...forgot to include this in the gift photo as I've been wearing it everyday. I've got lots of hair so it's really hard to find a hat to fit but mum made this quite large.

Think that's all for this Christmas... I'm very happy with all my gifts this year.....thank you everyone.


  1. What wonderful gifts!

    Victoria xx

  2. Lovely gifts Josie..enjoy your new sewing machine ;-)

  3. Hi Joe,
    They look great! I was making the "Roseys" from the Crochet Flower book just last night, really nice book. I got the Vintage Crochet one for xmas, just love drooling over the photos, not sure I'm good enough to crochet much from it yet. Perhaps we can compare notes on projects!
    Hen x

  4. Great pressies Joe, what a lucky girl. xxxx

  5. Hi hun, lovely gifts....and wonderful sale bargains!xxx

  6. Hi Josie, I wouldn't be without our dog he's our life, but he is a big responsibility, but if your a homebody they are such a great friend.You can't beat a wagging tail to greet you. The little gift in muslin is for a hot toddy, but you could put it in the bath if you like. lol :o) xxxx

  7. Hi Josie,

    First day back at work was ok… 2nd day I’m struggling with!

    I’ve done WW on and off for years and thankfully never put more than a stone back on and I know I’m doing it as understanding WW if I have 20 points I should eat, when not “watching” I tend to consume more, just a little bit here and there but it does add up. I find that even when not following the point plan I know how many points (give or take!) I’m eating so I acknowledge where I’m going wrong.

    I’m also lucky my mum prepares all my meals and bless her heart she uses the WW point scales and weighs everything out for me… I even bring in a pot of weighed our cheese to have on a jacket potatoe at work!!!

    I don’t like the ready meals either… I don’t find them sufficient enough or tasty for that matter!

    Glad to hear that you have a healthy eating plan that works for you and even better news that you didn’t put on weight over Christmas, I put on about 3lbs which I didn’t think was bad and will come off quite quickly I hope!

    Victoria xx

    PS My turn for the long comment! LOL!

  8. Joe thats fantastic.....well done you!

    Not a bad day really......:>)

    Hopefully we will be making some changes soon!


  9. Hi Joe,
    Yes, I have the knitted flower book, interesting as I can't knit - yet!
    Have fun tomorrow, it sounds like you deserve a day doing crafty things you will enjoy. The baby blanket looks lovely and would be a fab gift.
    Hen x