Thursday, 22 January 2009

Brownies & Knitting

I've joined the Brownies!!!

I've become a helper for the local group..... I say local, the meeting is in the church hall about 2 mins walk from my house!!! I've been thinking of joining since last summer when a customer was telling me they needed helpers desperately. I wanted to do crafts with them as I think it's really important to pass these things on.

So having finally got my act together I went on Tuesday..... I was never in the Brownies as a child so had no idea what went on. I was hoping to become 'brown owl' but since the big shake up years ago things have changed a lot. My group has decide to call the helpers names from Winne the pooh ...... so I'm called 'Eeyore' !!!! Not sure about that..... they don't wear the brown dresses anymore & they don't have the lovely purse.........mmmmmm maybe I need to re think this!!!! There's only 9 children & 3 adults....... they would like more children but people aren't joining ..... it does cost a lot of money.

This week we did drawing & finding out things about each other, next week we're learning about the Chinese new year. We'll be making lanterns & trying Chinese food..... can't wait...... & learning how to use chop sticks.... not so good!!

They have a teddy bear called Honey that goes home with a different person every week..... he's been to loads of places & you have to take photo's of him...... it was decided this week he would come home with me.....

Now should I be a nice girl & return next week with Honey or shall I hold him to ransom!!!

I've finished my cardigan for my friends new baby......what do you think???

It's quite pink!!!! I brought the wool from a different shop & the lighting was terrible..... it looked a softer pink, I also brought what I thought was cream but when I got it home it's yellow!!!!

My blanket is coming along.... I've been taking it to work & I don't feel so silly anymore. Now if I could just do it on the bus!!!

Hope you're all having a good week, I was off Monday, Wednesday & today so it's been great... yesterday I did housework & today I've done........NOTHING!!!! In fact I haven't even got dressed......fantastic!!! The only thing is I don't want it to end...... hate having to go back to work


  1. Good for you Joe....its so wonderful to pass on your crafting knowledge....

    Honey looks very happy with you!

  2. Good on you. I was a guider for a good few years and was still doing it up until a couple of years ago so if you need any Brownies/scouts/guides info feel free to drop me a line.

  3. One of my pupils brought along a soft toy last Friday. This toy was an Anteater called Archie .
    My pupil was chosen from the class, to take Archie home for the weekend and she had to write about Archie's adventures.
    I hope you'll do that with Honey !!

    BTW Archie was a disgusting colour,chewed,grubby and had seen better days!! I've never seen such a dirty Anteater!!

  4. Yay, a whole day in pyjamas, my fave! The cardi is lovely, I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with all the hard work you've put in. Def get crocheting on the bus, I do it on the train but by the time I'm coming back on the tube, I've usually got too much shopping to be able to do any! V disappointing to hear there's no brown owl anymore. Harry has started Beavers and they have all sorts of strange names from the Jungle Book.
    Hen x

  5. Thats really good of you to volunteer - my hubbie and I were only saying this morning how kids dont get the opportunities to learn crafts - I suppose it was brought on talking about Tony Hart and the crafting section on Blue Peter.

    A lot of my happiest hours as a child were spent copying things off these programs - so well done you for passing your knowledge on.


  6. ooo look at that lovely crochet blanket....yum! I take my knitting to work with me....

    Sam xx

  7. OOOHHH I love a day off and doing nothing. Theres nothing better.

    I used to be in the brownies and the the guides and loved it, you learn so much. I work with kiddies and love doing the arts and craft table. I hope you have great fun Eeyore.xxxx

  8. Blanket and cardigan are fab, you are so talented I wish I could make things like that! X

  9. I used to be in the Brownies - as I remember I was a 'Bebachod' (not sure I've spelt that right!). It was great! However over here we have the opposite problem to you - loads of kids want to join, but they haven't got enough leaders.
    My daughter was on the waiting list when she was 7 and is still waiting - she's now old enough to go to Guides!

    Love the cardigan - so cute!
    Jayne xxx

  10. Well done joining the Brownies. Shmae about the names when we still have wistful ideas of how it all was. Thankfully my girls go to a rebellious pack who have Brown Owl, Snowy Owl, Tawny Owl, Little Owl and Baby Owl ( large family of helpers). I just wish they still had the tuckshop, I loved getting a gobstopper and a few chews all for 5p.

  11. Well done for joining the Brownies! How lovely. I really like the cardigan, I think it's a lovely pink. You are so good at your knitting! I use to love knitting, but because I have so many crafts I try and limit myself to only a couple of crafts a year. This year is crocheting and quilting.
    Good luck with the Brownies!

  12. Thanks hun, I couldn't think of anything to post about today so thought I'd show them instead! XXX
    P.S How is the blanket coming along? X

  13. Yes a post a week sounds good - so we can see the progress :) XX

  14. I gave you an award today ;-)

  15. Hi Jo I've left an award for you on my blog. xx

  16. fun you've "joined" the brownies... I have some fun memories from my time as a brownie.

    Don't worry about the name Eeyore, my friends little girl used to call me Eeyore when she was little.

    Victoria xx