Sunday, 17 January 2010

Surprise trip......

Hello, hope you're all enjoying your weekend....although it has gone very fast.

I had a very pleasant surprise about a week ago, I was trying to book some time off before my holiday in March & was told I could have 4 days off this weekend. When I got home I had an email from my favourite band The Men They Couldn't Hang saying the were playing a one off gig in London on Friday!!!

After looking at each & every way we decided not to go because Zoe hasn't been very well & also the money....we just couldn't really afford it.
On Thursday I received a text from OH to say he had gone ahead........ everything was booked...including our favourite hotel in Tottenham Court Road!!

It meant leaving really early on Friday morning, when I got to the station the ticket had gone up by £14 since I checked the day before :(
After buying the very expensive ticket I was told my train was running 40 mins late so I could have waited the 1 1/2 hours until the cheaper train.
He told me to get the train that was leaving in 3 mins.......after a mad dash I made it only to find out it was the slow one that took 3 hours to get there. Not a great start!

Once in London there's only one thing to!!! After dumping my bag with OH at the hotel I set off to Marylebone High Street.
First stop..............

I didn't buy anything but it's nice to wander around looking at pretty things..... I find this a funny place..... the staff are not helpful at all! There was 2 ladies behind the counter chatting, they didn't say hello or anything........ in the last few years I've decide I will not spend in shops that don't deserve my custom. Sorry VV Rouleaux but you really need to sort this out....... it may be the posh part of London but at the end of the day you're a shop!!

So rant over stop..........

I found the service better here so I did spend a few pennies!!! I wanted the Robin mug that I saw on the web site that was in the sale but unfortunately it's different in the shops.

And then finally of course I went here...................

The guy in the window was dressing it with all the new things!!! I love the new small green spot hand bag! He was very friendly & we had a chat about the colours for the Spring collection.... I can tell you ladies it's not red...... it's going to be very muted blues, greens & beige......mmmmmm that will save me a fortune as I not keen on blues & I find something I like though!
The pictures not great because outside the shop was full of Japanese tourist taking photo's!

I'll be back to show you my goodies later.

So in the evening we went to The 100 Club in Oxford street, I really like this venue....... it's a bit odd being in a busy street & I wonder how many people know it's there!

The band was fantastic as always..... you can read about here, here & here...... yes as you can see I do like this band! I think everyone was a bit worse for wear by the end of the evening including the band!!!!

We came home yesterday & that's when things started to go wrong :(

I could feel a pain in my chest & I knew this was the start of my really bad back pain...... I've been in hospital twice for this, the last time in July 08.
When it came again in October I stayed calm & took pills ......I used to have about 18 months break between each attack but not this time.

I was lucky that I got home just in time...... I collapsed on the kitchen floor & was rolling around in serious pain..... I've never had it that bad before. OH was trying to make me go to A&E but it's just not worth it....... they can't find anything wrong with me. I was firing very strong painkillers down but nothing would make it go away. It comes in waves, normally 2 attacks but this time it was 3...... the last 2 being very bad....... It knocked me for six......OH had to carry me to bed where I slept for about 10 hours.

Today I've been sleeping..... it really annoying because I had loads to do trying to sort out the knitting group but I'm so worn out.
The pain is still there & I'm taking my 'crazy' pills, tomorrow I'm going to the doctors to try & get some answers...... this is not good enough.... can you imagine what would have happened if it came on on the train???

I'm trying to work out if there's a pattern, the last time it happened I had been away & also been drinking but the first 2 times I hadn't. I just hope it goes away for a long time this time.

Today the weather has been beautiful.......Nanny has enjoyed the sun.......

I just had to share this funny photo........ he was yawning but I think it looks like he's laughing! Now if you knew Nanny you would know that wouldn't happen....... he's a miserable git!!!

Have you seen this....... I know everyone is donating money to the earthquake but please spare a thought to the animals.....that's where my money has gone.

I'll be back soon to share my goodies.


  1. Oh I can relate to your back pain...last year I had a similar thing happen..I felt something POP in my lower back...I never felt pain like it....the only thing that helped a little was deep heat spray as pain killers didnt help one bit.

    Hope you feel better soon..(Love your kitty!)

    Love sam xx

  2. So sorry to hear about your back pain - you're in my thoughts.

    I have been to the 100 Club in the late 80s! A friend's dad was playing in his Rotherham jazz band there, and we all made the pilgrimage from Reading University to hear him. An evening to remember!

  3. So sorry to hear about your back pain...I hope the docs manage to sort it out.I know what you mean about VVR! things are pricey enough there without rubbish service!Hope you feel better soon

  4. Sorry to hear you nice weekend took a bad turn.

    Can't wait to see what goodies you treated yourself too and hope you feel better soon

    Victoria x

  5. You have got us all concerned here, with your serious back pain. I do hope there is a remedy or cure to it. You really wouldn't want another attack on the train, or while you're alone.

    The journey to London sounded like a pain! But glad that you made it there and back.

  6. Oh you poor thing! I would take it very easy,Joe!
    Glad you had a lovely trip to London though..I have been trying to persuade Mr S to do a day trip sometime!
    Looking forward to seeing your goodies!

  7. I hope your back gets sorted out soon. I've suffered with it a few times before and the only thing that seems to make any difference is a visit to the chiropractor. I've also bought a memory foam mattress and that seems to help prevent it.

    Glad you had a nice time in London though and I can't wait to see what you've bought.

    Rachel XxX

  8. the last time i made a mad dash for a train i almost got stuck in the middle of the doors and i was clinging to a strange man for dear life!!never again...
    sorry to hear about your back pain,ive been suffering alot with back pain at night to the point where i cant even move,dear blair has to carry me and pull me allover the place..walking in the morning is tough too,i hope you get it sorted!

  9. Sounds like a lovely trip.

    I do hope your back is better very soon.

  10. How wonderful your trip sounds, but your attack of pain sounds horrible, and thank goodness you'd just reached home. Nobody wants to be on a train when that happens. How sad that they can't find what's causing it to hurt your chest. I hope you're okay now.

  11. Sounds like the trip was great fun!!! Poor you though!! I hope you feel better soon!!

  12. sounds like a lovely weekend, but what a terrible end. Could it be a tension related thing - I was thinking it might be something that is triggered by tiredness and the stress of travelling, rushing about, late nights etc (although I know what you were doing was fun, the rushing for the train, sitting in uncomfortable seats for long periods, carrying bags and heavy shopping (!) etc might have something to do with it?) Anyway, whatever it is, hope that they do find something and help you to sort it out - persevere if they don't listen properly. Look forward to hearing about what you got, and hope you are feeling much better very soon x

  13. Oh I hope the pain gets better soon!
    I bet if the queen had it the doctors would find out what it is sweetie!
    Look after yourself sweetheart you are very precious xxxx