Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Hello everyone, hope you're having a good week & enjoying the weather!
I woke this morning to find all our snow gone...... it only really snowed the once, we had a bit on Sunday but nothing much :(
They did forecast blizzard like conditions today but at the moment it's raining .....blimey it's cold. Glad it's my day off, I'm happily tucked up inside with my pussy cats & OH.... in my PJ's :)

Last week I treated myself to something I've been looking at for months.......

Do you know what it is yet?????

Ah yes a lovely BRIGHT red glossy shopping trolley!!!!

I love it :) I've been waiting to see if it came down in the sale as I already have a trolley (only a small fold up one from work that's about 3 years old & is very dirty now). I had a figure in mind but hadn't seen it in the shops for a while so thought they had all gone, I went in last week & they had one left.......it was only reduced by £10 & was still too much, the lady said that I'd been in several times & gave me discount!!!! Well I couldn't say no!

OH puts up with my little green trolley as it means I carry all the heavy things but he's told me I'll be shopping alone with this one!
I tried to show you all the added extras but as there's no natural light at this time of year it didn't work. It has an inside insulated pocket for chilled food, a pocket on the side & back & a nice pouch to hold your brolly.

I'm still waiting to take it out because it was snowing last Wednesday when I went to the shops & I didn't want to get it wet! ......

Next stop furry boots & a head scarf :)

I also treated myself to this.......

I'm really enjoying it.....anyone got it??? My favourite feature......you can weigh your cats!!

Now anyone who knows me would know this would make me happy......so the weigh in was....
Nanny 10lbs....tubby!!
Zoe 5lbs......very old & wasting away :(
Me....... not telling!!!!

I love the fact they will come & help you if you're doing rubbish in a game, it makes me smile.....simple things!
What's your favourite game?
I'm liking snowballing at the moment :)

And finally my new hat......

Really bad picture....it's so dark..... I found the pattern here. More about this lady soon.
So far I've been asked if I brought it from Monsoon & CK......people don't believe I knitted it!
It took slightly longer then I thought which doesn't leave me much time to make my hand warmers before I start making things for the spring fairs.

Today I've had some good news about my knitting/crafty group....... as some of you know I've been trying to get this off the ground for about 5 years but every time I hit a brick wall I give up. Not this year....... I had a venue but it fell through so last week I sent some emails & now have space in the local art centre!!!!
It was very expensive but after emailing about what & why I wanted to do it they finally agreed to give it to me at a reduced rate.....well very reduced!!

They think it's an excellent idea & would like me to talk to their education manager as well........ they're also holding a big knitting event in April that's joined with iknit so she thinks it's good for me to be on board!!!

Yep today is a good day, told you it was going to be a good year........
hope it takes off for me...... I'm very excited!


  1. love, love, love that shopping trolley, go on spill the beans, how much was it? I got mine off Amazon, it is nice.. but not as nice as yours! I intend to use mine when I am buying stock at big fairs like Newark as you walk miles & carrying everything is a pain. Lizzie x
    PS the hat is cool too...

  2. Good on you Joe with the knitting group, wish I lived in Exeter so I you could teach me! I have a Habitat trolley too but I must admit that my old wicker trolley is best if very grannified! The last time Charlie Boy went to the vets he was over your Nanny's 10lbs!
    Hen x

  3. Loving the red trolly! I have the wii fit plus and the snowball is my favourite....a lot of fun! Have a lovely rest of a day! xxx

  4. Hello JM....love the trolley!!!!!
    How useful!
    The hat is brill....in fact I like that better than CK or other shop bought ones....cos they are machine made and your hat will have that lovely hand knit 40's feel to it!xxx

  5. Fabulous shoppping trolley Joe and the hat. So glad that your knitting/craft group is getting of the ground and that it could lead to lots more good things. I am going to my first Stich & Bitch next week. My friend Sue has persuaded a local cafe onwer to open up in the evening for us.

  6. Just lovin the trolly! People will certainly see yoiu a commin with that - well done you!

    Vicky x

  7. Ah now I know who it was...

    We were in Newton Abbot M&S on Saturday and whilst I was buying some food,Terry went to browse in the men's clothing. He found himself walking behind a lady with a trolley . Suddenly, she turned around ...and in a cross voice she shouted to Terry, 'Stop following me!'
    We've laughed about this ever since! LOL

  8. I love that trolly, I bet it's really useful.

    My friend and I have recently set up a knitting/sewing/crochet group in Manchester and it's such fun to meet new people and learn new techniques and crafts.
    Good luck with your group.

  9. Hope it's going to be a good year for you, certainly started off well.

  10. Bet the trolley is very useful - I could do with one for shopping at fairs.

    Great job on the hat - it's lovely....and good luck with your new group!


  11. We've got Wii fit but not Wii fit plus - didn't realise you could weigh cats on it, can't imagine them staying still for long enough! Have to say that feature alone will probably be enough to tempt me to get it, although first we need to find the right new kitty for our family.
    Hope your craft group goes really well. xx

  12. What a great shopping trolley, I love the colour.
    That's so exciting that you're getting your craft group off the ground, well done. I've always wanted to join a group, but out in the country they are a bit hard to come by. And the hat is amazing, I can't believe you made it either.

  13. PS: My funny toe shoes are quite weird, I was a bit freaked out about them at first, but now I'm obsessed with them :)

  14. Once the pushchair has gone, a trolley will be first thing on my list.
    We haven't got the wii fit yet but a friend of mine does and it's hilarious watching little man jogging, he's better than the older kids lol.

    Take care
    Beki xxx

  15. Great hat Joe - you'd pay a fortune in CK. Wish I lived nearer as I'd join your group!

  16. I LOVE your shopping trolley Joe! Everyone laughs at me when I use mine as they think I'm crazy. I do need to replace it though as it's been well used at the boot sales!

    Victoria xx

  17. lovely hat!

    Am so excited to hear about the knitting group. Sign me up for sure!! Look forward to hearing all about it and when it is, and will be happy to spread the word if you want more people to come along.

  18. Love the shopping trolley!! It's so much better to pull your shopping along than to stagger under the weight of it all!! A good buy!!