Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snowy day & Christmas gifts.............

Hello, Like everyone we had snow yesterday....yippee!!!!
I'm sure you all remember me telling you how much I love snow...... This photo was taken about 6am..... I think the passing cars thought I was crazy in my front garden in my Pj's!
In true British style we couldn't cope.................. the buses stopped running until 9.30, lucky it was my day off! The schools all closed but that didn't stop the kids from hanging around the streets all day throwing snowballs etc. I bet there's so older folks out there that could tell us how to cope in the snow........even in my day you still had to go to school even if it meant everyone in one room with one teacher!! Health & safety.......blah I hate it!!!!

So back to the point......with Britain at a stand still I stopped too..... I found it really hard to do anything yesterday so I just sat in my chair looking out the window. Please tell me I wasn't the only one?
The pussy cats were all tucked up in bed for most of the day, when Nanny finally dragged himself out of bed he popped out to see what all the fuss was about......

He was trying to get to me in this photo without getting his paws too cold!

At last I'll show you my Christmas gifts, so I can put them away......

Some lovely books from my wish list, as you can see I've already started 'Keeping Mum' & very good it is too.

Align Centre

And everything else...... you see that's the trouble with not giving very many don't get many back :(
I love the Kitsch craft book... I would love to learn how to Macrame again, it does show you in here but only a pot hanger, I would like to make a wall hanging. The same friend also gave my the Union jack goodies!

Did you see the tea towel??

From my nephew..... I love it but it's far too nice to use!

I've also been off today as I'm working all's going so fast :(
I've had a very thrifty day....I've been cooking all morning....soup with left over veg for my lunch box & a lasagne for tomorrow using left overs.
The only trouble is my soup is very thick...... as you all know I'm rubbish at cooking...yes even soup!! So come on ladies what can I do??? Shall I just add a little hot water before heating it up???

We have more snow forecasted for the weekend....I'm keeping my fingers crossed it comes......maybe I could have a snow day :) Keep warm everyone.


  1. You got some lovely gifts there Joe!

    Victoria xx

  2. Probably too late for your soup, but if it's a creamy soup you can thin it down using milk, and if it's not creamy you can use either milk or water, as you suggest.

    So how did it go?

    Love the presents - I didn't get loads either and I felt great because I hadn't given many! Everyone seemed to be being sensible, which helped.

  3. Like you,I didn't get loads but what I got was lovely...
    I taught myself to do Macrame years ago!
    I did an Owl and some plant holders.
    I still have the Owl...which I will blog so you can see it!

    Yes,just add some water to your soup,I'm sure it will be delish!!!!


  4. You're doing just great using up your leftovers. If ts a it thick - warm and hearty! do as Floss mentioned add abit of water or milk - it wil be just fine. Just think how virtuous you will feel! a good meal from what may have been thrown away!haha!
    I'm intreiged with your golly teatowel - show us a full size pic - it looks so cute!

    Vicky x

  5. Oooh loving the look of your crochet book.....can't wait to see your new projects!
    Hugs Karen x x x

  6. My soup is always a bit thick too. It's been known to be almost spreadable on the rolls I like to serve with it!

  7. Snap! I got the Kitsch crafts book too! My cats won't take one step out of the house into the snow, they are really hating it.
    Lizzie x

  8. You had some lovely gifts for Christmas.Fingers crossed for the snow x

  9. Great gifts!
    I know im being a grinch but I'm fed up of snow now, it makes my day at works almost unbearable!!!
    It is pretty tho!!!!

  10. Hullo there & Happy New Year from me x
    My soup is always made so thick you can almost stand a spoon up in it. I add water to it when I need it,the rest of the time it sits in a pan on the stove, I dont put in the fridge a pish & a posh to health & safety & chilled foods lol!
    Its eaten over 2~3 days being diluted all the time :o)
    GTM x xx x

  11. I too have been off work for two days as I simply cant get there, but I cant relax either as I know I should be in work but it is out of my control.....AAGGGGHHH!!! I love thick soup and am sooo rubbish at making it!! Note to self is must learn how to make this space! xxxx

  12. Lots of lovely books! They are the best kind of presents I think. It's hard to think about soup when it's so warm hear but I do love a good minestrone soup when it's cold! Hope you keep nice & warm & snug today and enjoy a good look through your books! xo

  13. Wow what great gifts, lucky lucky you! look forward to seeing some things made from your books too.

  14. Beautiful pressies! No you weren't the only one! I was sat by the fire all day! suzie. xxx

  15. looks like lots of lovely books there! It is funny how everything stops now - although I remember being mortified when I was at school (probably the 1981 year they keep mentioning) and my school did shut, and my Dad phoned and complained!! How embarrasing!
    Hope you get your snow day- they are saying there's more on the way

  16. Oooh, you got some lovely gifts there! Totally too late for soup advice, but mine always end up too thick, and I do what one commenter above said, and add water or milk.

  17. What lovely pressies you received!!!