Thursday, 28 January 2010

Make, Do and Mend, goodies & sad day.

Thanks for stopping by, sorry it's been a while.
First up here's an update on the new group....

Things have quieten down a little I'm pleased to say but I received a phone call yesterday from Make it and Mend it...............have you heard of them?
I said in my last post they were very keen on the idea & yesterday they offered me a chance to become one of their pilot projects.
On listening to their plans I know don't know what to do........ as you can imagine they get more out of it then me. They would like to offer a starter kit, you would normally buy but we can have it free for the first year. It would include an agenda that we would need to stick to & would cover everything from crafts to cookery.

So what should I do??
I don't want them hijacking my idea.......after all I've worked so hard on this but if I don't get involved they may just take the idea anyway, I was stupidly open with them :(
What would they do for us apart from supply materials?
I have to call them after the first meet to keep them informed.
So what should I do?
Go for it alone or team up with them?

The new web site is up & running, I've had a few new members since I mentioned it last time. We need more people to join & start this little community.
It's not just for people who can attend the's for everyone, so come on over ladies & share your tips & ideas..... the link is on the side bar top left.

Anyway back to the point of this post........ 2 weeks ago I visited London & brought some goodies.....

A lovely new bag, I've looked at this one so many times full price..... I'm glad I waited because it was nearly 1/2 price. I love the apple mug, I thought it was going to disappear so I had to buy it for my ever growing mug collection!
The bowl is for OH....he's been waiting to use this for weeks but he had to wait until the photo shoot!
Also some union jack tissues & a little cat tin.

Today is a sad day for our family, 10 years ago I lost my nephew. It seems weird that 10 years have gone by so quickly. He was born in 1995 & they had to bring him back to life a few times, then a few months later we discovered he had a disease called Hunters syndrome.
Sometimes people say it's easier if you know....wrong..... it hung over our family for years just waiting for him to get worse. It was terrible when he went but he was so ill we all knew it was for the best. I'm a carrier for this disease as is my mum & 3 of my sisters, you really have to decide if you want children enough to risk spreading it......I don't & that's one of the reasons why I won't have children, thankfully I'm not that keen anyway!
Sorry to end on a downer but it's important to me so I wanted to share it with you.


  1. I'm so sorry that you are feeling sad at the moment...its so hard to feel ok when ppl we love pass on, especially when they have been so very poorly and needed extra care....hugs for you...thinking of you all at this

  2. Really sorry to hear about your nephew Joe, I had a read of your link and it sounds like a very cruel illness :(

    I have to admit I'm a bit out of the loop on the Make Do & Mend but my first instinct would be to say stick with doing it yourself, you've put in the hard work after all and you should be in control.

    Hugs, Mel xxx

  3. I'm so sorry to read about your nephew. It must be so hard to accept seeing such an awful illness take over one so tiny.
    As for Make do... I'm so impressed. You must be working every hour on all this. My feeling would be to go it on your own. Otherwise, you'll get increasingly frustrated with the having to follow an agenda path. I know it would frustrate me. But having said that, I don't know a lot about your new forum, so a little hard to form a valid opinion. I will sign up - not tonight, though... I'm too tired to stay up much longer.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about such a terrible loss of one so young, I had never heard of Hunters syndrome.

    For what it's worth, although I know nothing, I think I agree with the others about going it alone - it sounds like you'll be restricted to following an agenda that isn't your own otherwise and you've obviously put in so much thought and effort into your group it would be a shame to have to compromise it. x

  5. I didn't know anything about that illness either. I was so sorry to read about your nephew.

    I think I'd be inclined to go it alone with your Make do etc.
    It seems to me that they would be too controlling and there would be no room for flexibility.
    Have a good weekend!

  6. So sorry to read about your nephew, as you say nothing can prepare you for the loss. My thoughts are with you.
    Rosie x

  7. Thoser years really do fly by don't they, must be such a hard time for you and your family. Sending you lots of virtual love and ((hugs)).
    Go it alone on the make do and mend, after all the hard work you need to be the one in control.
    Your comment on my post really made me laugh, OH gave me such a hard time last night, why do I want to buy it when my feet are always in Uggs, no one will see my toes. You will I said, no because you've always got bed socks on lol.

    Take care
    Beki xxx

  8. You poor things - what a sadness in your family. Thinking of you all.

    I think people are right that you should go it along without these other Make Do people. I can't see them being much help and in return their programme would restrict you.

    On a lighter note - lovely purchaces! I bet you're really pleased with such a great bag at that price.

  9. I am glad you shared this family sadness with us. I have heard of Hunters syndrome, but know so little about it.
    I think you should go alone too. you sound like you have been working so hard on it and it would be a shame if you ended taking a back seat.

    Love the bag! suzie. xxx

  10. so sorry to hear about your nephew - I can't imagine what it must be like for your family to go through an experience like that - hearing something like this makes me realise how much you can take things for granted, and how much I have to be grateful for.

    On the Make Do front, I'm definitely with the others - I think you've done too much work to let some other organisation take over, and they sound very much like they have their own agenda so won't bring enough benefit to make it worthwhile. Hope you have a good weekend, and I'm looking forward to 9th more and more!!

  11. So sorry about your dear nephew!!! That is something your family will never get over!!! Definitely don't bother with the Make do crew!!!

  12. Oh Joe I'm so sorry I haven't got around to catching up with your blog until today. How sad and what a terrible time your family have been through. I can't begin to imagine what it must have been like for you all.
    Like the others I agree that you should do without the Make it people. I'll certainly join your Make,Do and Mend even though I can't make the meetings.
    Love your shopping!

  13. Sorry to hear you're feeling sad at the moment, it's understandable. Sending you big hugs

    Victoria xx

  14. Hello sweetie xx
    Thinking of you and your family and sending hugsxx

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