Saturday, 2 January 2010


Well other year is over and judging by all your comments on my last post I'm not alone in feeling like a hamster!
On New Years eve I sat alone at midnight thinking back over the year & reading my posts to see what I did .....well it seems I did alot!
It started in January with a new addition to my family, Bracken, then other in March, Matthew.....then the joy of finding out my friend was pregnant ....finally!! She gave birth in November to Samuel. So 3 babies came in 2009.

In February I had the problem of having to move due to mortgage problems which thankfully sorted themself out in April so it was all change again..... not sure what this year will bring but we're thanking our lucky stars we didn't move back to my home town. I visited it the other day for the first time in months, lots of shops have closed & most of the really is sad. Tesco's opened a superstore just outside the town......need I say more!

In May I set off to the Vintage & Handmade fair to meet fellow bloggers.....and talking of fellow bloggers I've been lucky to meet quite a few in the last year.....

Sal......more then once but we had a lovely day shopping in Totnes, Hen, Nicky, Jayne, Michele, Julie, Donna, Posy..... I started chatting to a customer about her shopping bag, sewing & crocheting & it turned out to be her!!.........Victoria & Kelly...A lovely evening out in London with pizza....Let's hope we can do it again this year!

2009 was also the year I joined the Brownies....and left very quickly!!! I didn't go back after the summer holiday, she called me one day saying there was a planning meeting that evening & I must attend as they started back the following day..... rubbish organization....I think it would've been better if I had joined another group but I found it a real drain on my time. For 2010 I have other plans for my evenings....something I've been trying to sort out for about 5 years!

We all took part in the Innocent Big Knit with some great's to the next one :)

I started selling my makes in a local shop in March & sent stuff to my first fair in November I took the plunge & did my first one! I finished the year with 4 & they were very successful.....I've also got a meeting with a local shop this month so they can sell my things. I've been working towards this for the last 15 years....I need to keep going otherwise I'll be back to square one...... hopefully 2010 will be a good year for josiemary.

At the end of the year I sometimes feel I haven't made as much as I wanted....due to the fact my list is always so long!....I look at other peoples blog & wonder where they find the time! However I decided to delve into my photo's to find I have made more then I thought!

But the list is still very long :(

Thanks so much for dropping by over the last year, I've enjoyed your company :) For some reason I feel really positive about 2010...... I don't normally bother with the new year but I feel this will be a good 'un


  1. Good to "meet" you! How exciting to hear you are planning an event/fair. I will be posting all the Spring dates on my blog over the next few weeks. There are a few on there already & if you click on the picture you will go the website which gives dates for the year ahead.... cheers, Lizzie x

  2. You have had a busy year - but a good one!! Well apart from the Brownies!!! Here's hoping that 2010 is even better for you!!

  3. Can't trust them Brownies!!! What about Girl's Brigade? ha ha xxx
    You have achieved lots (and made some lovley things!!!)
    Let hope after the success of the last few months that Josiemarie goes global! (then you can tell that mean boss of yours where to go!!!)

  4. Me and Kel will def be up for more pizza in 2010!!!

    Victoria xx

  5. Love the positive approach! Have a really wonderful 2010.

  6. Great recap of your year & hope 2010 will have even more opportunities & fun for you!


  7. wishing you all the very best for 2010!

  8. good to hear you are feeling positive for 2010 - lets hope it's a brillaint one for everyone !

  9. thanks for your message ! i really cant bear the thought of staying in my kitchen and cooking for ages and ages....and all the washing up .....

    happy new year !

    sam xx

  10. Hi Josie, love all your piccies!!

    The my diary necklace was from urban outfitters in the sale.
    The other 2 have just come into New Look stores.

    Have a good week hun xx

  11. Hello again - if you have an old magazine, that's all you need for the swap! The aim is not to buy new, as any of us doing the challenge can't, anyway. If you find something you've kept from the last few years, that would be all you need. If you can join in, it would be great to have you.

  12. A very happy new year to you Josie Mary :0) May it be full of good health, wealth and happiness, Ohooo and pretty retro telephones. :0) I paid £25.00 for it with some Christmas money, from a cute little antique shop in Wales, he had £35.00 on it and said he could probably get £50.00. I was wearing my Bargain Hunt fleece and got on his good side so he said yes when I offered £25.00, so I thought a good price.

    Norty OH getting rid of your lovely red one, hope you told him off ;)




  13. And hi again! I take your point about 'two for one' with the magazine swap - why not go for it? It would be great to have you in the swap.

    Health and Safety in France is really different, and much less controlling. Somehow they still retain the notion that people should have good sense and look after themselves. I find it quite refreshing! The boys have grown up much more freely because of it.