Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ladybird Books

Just popping in to show you my latest edition to my ever growing Ladybird book collection....

I don't remember this one..... do you?
I always find a ladybird book when I go to Oxfam but I was giving up hope & was just about to leave when I spotted it.

Some beautiful pictures inside....

I love this one...

I've been busy making lavender bags....

It's been very rewarding using my lavender that I spent hours dying last summer!
I've added them to my Folksy shop this week.

Another spring picture to make you smile

Off to Cardiff today for a meeting...... hoping to find time to check out the charity shops as I've heard they're very good! My parents are very kindly driving me so I don't have to put up with the 3 hours each way train journey! So hopefully it won't be such a long day.

Back soon


  1. I do love a ladybird book! Your knitted lavender bags are wondeful, very fine intarsia knitting x

  2. Lost at the Fair does look familiar! I had sooo many when I was little. Hope you find nice things in the CS's. Lizzie x

  3. It's time for me to resist Ladybird books and I'm selling my collection!

    Victoria xx

  4. I remember the pictures of lost at the fair but I cant remember the story. I know we had that book at home. My Mum loved ladybird books and we had loads. I might start looking out for some, they bring back tons of memories x

  5. that looks a lovely book - I love all those older style illustrations - we were so lucky, when our neighbours moved they gifted us loads of ladybird books, some older, some newer, but we've been so lucky to have such a great start on a collection.

    I also have some old Noddy books - love the illustrations in those too (and the complete lack of pc attitude - can't bear the new RightOnNoddy - just so silly).

    Hope you had a good time in Cardiff, I love it there, although haven't been for a few years now - seems to have all the buzz of a big city but not so sprawling if you know what I mean!

  6. I love Ladybird books too. Well any child like illustrated books really!

    Hope your meeting went well and the charity shops served you well :) x

  7. Lovely lavender bags! And the Ladybird book illustrations are so charming! I must look for them over here -- never heard of them before.