Sunday, 12 April 2009

Ladybird books

A bit of a photo overload I'm afraid...... so here we go....

The story began about 5 months ago when I came across this book in my local Oxfam......

I remembered how much I enjoyed this book as a child & thought it would be nice for my friends little girl. However after getting it home I decided I couldn't part with it. Remember this......

Always my favourite thing to make. So I looked on the Internet & found loads more information & joined groups on facebook etc, now I'm hooked!!!
I asked my mum if she still had ours, these are the only 2 remaining......

If you look closely you can see our names written very clearly on the front, I'd like to say my written has got better although not much smaller!!!
She also had these.....

These belong to my brother so must date back to the early 80's.
I then found these....

Smoke & Fluff was my favourite one as a child, I took this to my friends house & her little girl loved it, glad to see they don't date. We all read her a story when I go around first daddy, then auntie Joe & finally mummy...... she enjoyed it so much we all had to read it!!!

Glad I was able to find the pair of picture books....

The best picture in the first book....

From the second......I have theses egg cups!!!

Which one is your favourite???
I didn't have any of the 'What to look for...' but I'm sure I had the puppies & kittens

And finally the last 2 that I brought last week....

So that's my collection so far, not that many but I'm working on it. You don't always see them in charity shops, I need to go to a boot sale but the really big one in Exeter is no where near where I live so I have to wait until someone wants to take me.
I really want the knitting, crochet & sewing ones next, I've looked on ebay but I really don't want to pay £5 each....... I'm just happy to wait.
Hope these brought back some happy memories for you all.
Back to work tomorrow :(


  1. Hello!

    What a fine collection of books!

    I love the pictures, the egg one is so cute!xxx

  2. Great, they all bring back memories. Got another 2 today - Nursery Rhymes and Bob's Bushtail's Adventure!
    Thanks for your address.

  3. I am a huge Ladybird book fan!
    I have the set of
    'What to look for in Spring, Summer,Autumn,Winter.'
    I love them!

    Hope you have had a fab day ;-)

  4. OO I had Smoke & Fluff! no idea where that one went as its not here now,I adore Bunnykins Picnic Party :o) the smalls adore it as much as I did. I got a lovely one a few months back,First Prayers I htink its called,I shall have to do a ladybird post on mine wont I :o)
    They are such dear little books :o)
    GTM x

  5. Oh my goodness, like a trip down memory lane!!!!

  6. Fantastic book collection, I'm glad you showed us. I've managed to find one or two ladybird books I had as a child on my travels.

    Victoria xxx

    PS Your mum sounds as great as mine surprising you with Easter goodies.

  7. Thanks for showing us some of your collection as I too have fond memories of them.I had no idea there is even a facebook group! Not sure which is my favourite but from now on I will be looking out for them. x

  8. I love the miniature garden pic, I think I actually made a few of those when I was a kid! We had the "Cooking With Mother" book, I think Mum still has it somewhere :)


  9. Knitting def is theraputic at the moment!!! You'll have to let me know any of your tips!

    Victoria x

  10. Wow, your picture from the Things to Make book really takes me back! You can see our own Easter Gardens on my blog, and I'd forgotten that I'd taken some of the ideas from that Ladybird book!

  11. If you enjoyed the trip down memory lane, you'll probably enjoy my website:

  12. Hi, I had the "Toys and Games to Make" among many, many, others, made me smile seeing these again!!! Thanks x