Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Yet another excellent book..... have you heard about this??? I saw it in my local (now closed) book shop. It was only £2.99 so I thought I'd give it ago, I love the title & when I saw it was based just after the 2nd world war I knew it was for me.

It's written in letter form through out which did surprise me & it was a bit of a slow starter. I think this was because there's some many characters & it takes a while to work out whose who. Once I started I couldn't stop, the characters are lovely & you really want a happy ending...... I won't tell you!! I love it when you read a book & really care for the characters.

I've checked Amazon & it's not available so if you do see it hanging about do buy it.


  1. Now this is interesting - elizabethd at 'French Village Life' loves this book too, and I knew my mum's American friend had passed the book to her, so I asked what she thought of it. She really, really disliked it, because she said that the author had no idea how British people really spoke or wrote. So, what do you think about that? Are my mum's complaints valid, do you think?

  2. How interesting.... I didn't notice about the speaking/writting thing. There's lots of letters which I thought was a bit odd but I did love the characters...Juliet is great & you really want her to meet a nice man. I would give it ago & see what you think, it's not very big so only took me about a week to read :)

  3. Hello!

    Just popped in to say hi!
    You do find some fab books to read!

    I have been looking at AGAS today, oh they are so nice, also been enjoying Kirsties new program, that cottage is fab!xxx

  4. OK, I'll give it a go in June, when I next go to visit my parents! Thanks for your answer, and for letting me know you'd replied! About the planes on my post - we even love them, because they are Toulouse's lifeblood. We're a thriving city based on the areospatial industry, and the A380 (pictured) has provided employment for almost half of my friends, both French and foreign. We're very proud of it and everyone stops what they're doing and watches when one of the new ones takes off on a test flight!

  5. different from your post but saw your reply on The Blueberry Patch and thought you might be interested in this

    lisa x

  6. Hi again! (again!) My parents have been in Edinburgh for a good while now, so unfortunately I don't go back to Exeter. It's a real shame, because it would be great to meet up!