Monday, 20 April 2009

Pay it forward & Ladybird books

Hope everyone had a great weekend..... the weather was beautiful here, how was it for you??

I had to work Saturday & Sunday, there was not a cloud in the sky in Exeter on Sunday...... it was a nightmare looking out the shop window, I just wanted to go home to my garden!!!

When I got home on Saturday my 'Pay it forward' gift was waiting for me. The lovely Sarah sent me this.......

Great isn't it???? Not sure where it will live, at the moment it's hanging from the handle on my kitchen window ...... I did take a photo but then you would all see how dirty my windows are....LOL!!! In the end I thought it looked better on my sofa!!

When doing my housework on Friday I found theses.......

They were on the top of my bookcase!! Now I do remember buying them but it was a long time ago, I had put them on the bookcase to take upstairs but they got buried under other books.... I'm naughty when it comes to books.

I had a comment on my last ladybird book post from Helen, if you haven't checked out her web site I recommend a visit.....she has lots to sell, I'm waiting until pay day then I will treat myself to the knitting, sewing & crochet ones.

If you fancy some free seeds click on the Dig in link on left hand side bar, lots of good ideas on the web site..... great for first time growers.


  1. That's a lovely Pay it Forward gift - I'm just trying to get round to finishing mine! But I've been a bit distracted by the Vide Greniers we had at the weekend.

    I read more of your blog and your profile, and realise we have a lot in common! I'm a few years older than you but I grew up in Pinhoe, and regard Exeter as my teenage home. Where did you go to school? I went to Mount St Mary. The blogging world is a small one, I guess!

  2. That's a sweet PIF gift, and the books look lovely. I love re-finding things you already have!

    Mel xxx

  3. At least you had a laugh,on Sat, with Osama Bin bloggin'

  4. What a lovely gift you lucky thing.

    And how nice to find those books hidden away.

    Victoria xx

  5. Lovely PIF gift and terrific books they look so sweet.

  6. Hi Joe
    Glad you like the flag. I had noticed on your New Year jobs you had put a couple of 'Union Jack' items on there so hence the flag! Hope you've found a home for it by now.
    Got a few more Ladybird books at the weekend and was really pleased with them. Thanks for sharing the link.

  7. hi - glad the brownies seems to be working out and good on you for pushing them to do something more constructive. Hope they dont have to move.

    Am definitely still on for the bloggers fair - should be a really good day out. Perhaps we can arrange where to meet by email ? I'm happy to pick you up from home or somewhere in Exeter whichever is easier.

  8. very pretty pif gift.
    i have a big thing for ladybird books too and that things to make one looks so good!
    i shant leave blogland...i dont think anyway...i can sense a change in the land at the moment and seems odd...its probably just me thats odd though!who can say!