Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A day in the big smoke

Hope everyone made the most of the last sunny day before the bank holiday weekend... I've just seen the weather forecast & it's not looking good. Shame as I have 3 days off.

Yesterday I took the train to the big smoke. It was a lovely journey leaving Exeter at a very bright & early 6.55!!! The sun was out, I read my book & enjoyed the peace & quite.... that is until the lady behind me started to eat a packet of crisps!!!!
I had a managers meeting in the Tottenham Court Road Store..... it was ok but I did feel like Alan Sugar was going to walk in at anytime. Maybe I should enter the apprentice next year...LOL!
The meeting was planned to finish at 4pm but at 3.15 she called it a day...yippee!!!
I was asked to go for coffee with the other people before getting our trains but I thought heck no...I'm off..... I have a date with...........

Yes that's right I had to pay Cath a visit. I was really pleased with myself because I normally just come home because I don't like walking around London on my own...boring....but yesterday I went for it. So after a bit of a (hot) walk I found Cath & all was well. I went to buy the boat hankie but they had sold out...never mind I found some other things.
Some dusters, a very cheap box (only £1!!), a lovely red spotty bowl & some fabric. Now I'm not sure what I'm going to make but I'll think of something.

So why stop there..... normally when I go to London I leave OH in the pub & hurry around but yesterday my train didn't leave until 5pm so I took a wander in Marylebone High Street.
I went to VV Rouleaux & brought some ribbon.....

I had really been looking forward to visiting but I wasn't impressed with the service.

Then I headed back to Baker Street tube & I spotted good old Emma Bridgewater....

Just had to buy this mug, I looked at it in Bristol but didn't buy it.... it takes along time for me to spend money!!! I knew as soon as I got home I would regret not buying it so I did it....

Now I need to sort my shelves out in the kitchen as they're too full.

Today was back to normal rubbish shops!! I did pop to Oxfam & another charity shop in my lunch break & brought theses goodies......

I love plastic knitting needles & I also found a crochet hook, I did have to ask & they brought out a big box...LOL! The lovely hankies were 50p for 3 ....bargain.... cheaper then CK but maybe not as nice!!!
I've been collecting ladybird books for a bout 6 months so I was pleased to find these.
I must show you my collection soon.

Only 1 day to go before my break.


  1. What lovely goodies you have!
    I keep meaning to get some of the dusters, you had a bargain there.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the cowboy fabric (my fave).
    Have a great Easter break!
    Beki xxx

  2. What lovely things you bought.I've looked at the mug and thought about buying one. I think next time I see one I will. x

  3. Lovely CK goodies, and very brave of you to walk around London on your own. xxx

  4. I would say that you gave yourself an extremely good time!!
    Have a lovely few days off work!!

  5. Hi Joe,
    God to hear you had a ball in London, good on you for venturing out and about. I looked on the Cath K website today and all of the hankies are sold out. The lady in the Marylebone shop told me the Japanese buy up ten at a time and they can't keep up! I'm off for a last peruse of the Cath K website to take advantage of the 15% off!
    Hen x

  6. looks like you had a lovely day..i have never ventured into a ck shop(all too far away and i could do without spending the £4.95 p&p charges)
    your very brave to wander around london alone,i hate going on the underground alone let alone anything else!(i am threatened by a very over-active imagination tho)

    happy easter

  7. Love all those goodies. Off to Bicester tomorrow to the CK outlet shop so hoping to get some bargains!

  8. I loved Sindy, so much better than Barbie!
    Trying very hard not to spend at the moment so haven't got the pillowcases yet. I think I may have to get 4 though when I do as I realised this morning that they will look lovely on my bed with my new Tesco bedding.
    Thanks ever so much for the link.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  9. What a great bonus after your visit to pay a trip to CK!

    You brought some lovely things.

    You def have to show us your ladybird book collection

    Thank you for yesterdays birthday wishes. I had a lovely day

    Victoria xx