Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday joy & calling all London Gals.... EDIT:

Hello everyone, hope you've all had a good week.

My My the blog world is very quite at the moment... I don't know about everyone else but I've seemed to have lost my mojo when it comes to commenting..... I do read everyone's post but can't think of anything to I don't!!

Yesterday I went to WHsmiths because I had a 20% off voucher..... you know what it's like...I wasn't going to buy ...just to look!! This is what I came home with..... Country living, supposed to be for today's treat but I've decided to wait until Tuesday...more about that later. Carol Klein's 'Cook your own veg', I'd heard this was a good book, I have the 'Grow your own veg'. I've been looking at this for a few months & yesterday it was marked £5 so I just had to have it.

Then by luck I found these CK goodies, I didn't know smiths stocked these.....

I've had the stationary set in my Amazon basket for a while now but I've never seen the note card set. 24 cards for £9.99..... I stood for a long time in Smiths trying to decide if I should treat myself, even with 20% off it's still alot to spend if you don't really need it. I finally decided to go for it as my lunch break was ticking away. Did I do the right thing??

Today I'm home alone & this morning I had so many things planned but I never complete them..... looking at everyone's blogs I think I must be really lazy!!!

I brought these bedding plants last week but haven't had the time to plant them, this was the first on my list of jobs.......

I put them in the front garden to try & cheer it up.....

Not the best photo, you can how miserable the weather is today. Me & the cats were running in & out from the they were heavy but at least it didn't thunder!!
I have really bad soil in both garden so I started a compost bin 2 years ago to help this but it's not working..... it didn't in the last house either. Yesterday I brought some powder to speed it up but I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. I have real problems trying to find any plants to grow in rubbish soil, I love cottage gardens with hollyhocks etc but every time I buy them they just die!!

My friend gave me some comfrey last year, I've got one in the front & one in the back. I think they look really nice but I know not everyone would like them.....mum!!! I can't believe how much this one has grown in the last month....

I've forgotten when to cut it back, is it after it's flowered??? Them it can go in the compost bin...right???

For the last 2 weeks I've been playing around with this.......

Can you tell what it is yet???

Here they are all pressed & ready to go. I was hoping to show you the finished thing today but I'll leave that to another day, finishing off is taking longer then I thought.

I saw my friend on Friday & her little girl had brought me these.....

She choose them herself.... not bad for a 5 year old. She told her dad that auntie Joe would love them....he wasn't sure but she was right I do love them!!! Now I'll have to have a tea party!!

LONDON Gals.......

Ok this is where I need your help..... I'm attending a H&S training course on Tuesday & Wednesday in the big city, it will be held at our head office just off Brick lane & I'm staying in a hotel in Commercial Street. I would like to know if there's any good shops in that part??? I've been there a few time but not for many years. I've found this which looks like it should be close by but is there anything else I should know about??

I feel I should treat myself because I really don't want to go, I hate H&S...... it really bugs me... I mean did they d0 risk assessments in the blitz??? .......No people used common sense!

I feel I will be a very bad student!!

So hence why I'm saving Country Living.... I find it a long evening stuck in some lonely hotel room. I can't take my crochet because I need to take too many balls of wool so I brought myself this......

Just take a look at the lovely little ball of wool, well I couldn't help myself. I had to photograph it with the other balls I brought so you could see how cute it is. The other ones are for a knitted house.... you know the one from Kirstie's homemade home???

The little ball knits a pair of baby socks, I'm going to make them for my friend.... Hello Teresa if you're reading!!!!.... she's just found out she's having a baby after years of trying. Teresa.... I'm soooo happy for you both x

Sorry this is such a long post... hope I haven't bored you all!!!!

Back soon

PS. To those of you who watch Eastenders..... can you believe Heather joining the Brownies???? Everyone is finding it very funny... oh well I best get my alice band sorted before the next meeting!!!

EDIT: I've finished!!!!! More photo's to come, sorry it's so's very late!

Nanny says....stop blogging & pay attention to me!!!!


  1. Hi Josie!

    Despite working in the City I don't know any shops in the Commercial St area so if you find any let me know!!!

    I recently brought the CK card book and ummed and ahhed about the price but it was worth every penny. When you work out how much the cards work out each it's a bargain and I've almost used mine up with thank yous and birthdays.

    Victoria xx

  2. Hi Josie

    I thought of you while watching 'enders 'hehe'!
    Love the bunting, it looks absolutely fab!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  3. Enders is so funny at the mo!

    The CK cards are so worth having, I used them for so many things last yr, and they saved me money in the long run as a birthday card can cost an average of £2, also framed some of them!

    Enjoy your CL, hope your not too lonely...xxxx

  4. Love your buys!! Will have to look in WH Smith's.
    That bunting is a lovely idea, you are clever!!
    Enjoy your course, especially the Country Living mag!! When we are flying out to Turkey on Holiday, that will be a great excuse to buy some nice mags, wont it?

    Sharon xx

  5. I didn;t know good old WH Smith stocked CK either!
    Will def keep my eye out next time I'm there...
    Have only just worked out my local one now stocks various craft bits!

    Much easier to justify purchases with the vouchers they give away!

    Rose XXX

  6. I LOVE the knitted bunting!
    How fab, I've not seen owt like it b4!XXXXX

  7. The knitted bunting is lovely! I love your buys too.

    I have been a completely rubbish blogger lately and I know it... my comments are about half what they used to be probably because I'm not getting around to other blogs like I used to! Though maybe everyone is just busy with the nicer weather lately :)

    Hope the course goes well!

    Mel xxx