Thursday, 23 April 2009

Happy St Georges day......

I love this picture.... have you seen it??? Look very closely & see the detail. I don't like the drink so I'm afraid I won't be going out to celebrate but I will be wearing my red & white scarf today...even if it's not in the uniform!
Hope you have a good day what ever you do.


  1. happy st georges day right back

    that happens to be my brothers favourite tipple...


  2. Happy St Georges day.

    Victoria xx

  3. Happy St Georges day to you, too! Even though I teach English to native speakers, my class today were mainly French, German and American, so we had fun today on the difference between England and the UK. I refuse to leave them ignorant on that subject! At least they'll recognise the St George's cross in future...

  4. Enjoy your national day.
    Great poster. :)

  5. Happy St Georges day to you x

  6. Thanks for popping by Joe
    I love the post. St George's Day should be a national holiday. Why we don't celebrate it with a passion I do not know. I was aware of the image and I did note the detail within. Beer, cheese and Eric such a magical combination.I wouldn't turn my nose up at the contents of the bottle and would be happy to help you out with your share.
    I did hear about SH and I could give you a good rendition of how the ambulance siren sounded if you don't watch;)

  7. PS - thanks for your Exeter comment on my blog - I think I remember your school. I certainly remember Crediton - my mum used to let me drive out your way with her when I was learning to drive! I went to the Riverside for some memorably miserable school discos -otherwise, I think my friends and I preferred pub lunches, and beach parties down at Exmouth!