Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunny Sunday.....

Hope you're all enjoying the lovely sunshine today. I was hoping to get out in the garden but as I haven't had a day off since Monday the housework took over.

I did remember to get batteries for the stupid camera yesterday so as promised here's the gift Mel sent me......

A lovely little bag that just the right size for my lunch box & book, at the moment it's full of craft things as I had to clear the table to clean it!!! Inside the bag was some really helpful cooking leaflets.

Also some fantastic vintage CK fabric...... thanks so much Mel..... I hate cutting up fabric but I really must make some thing with this so I've decided to make a cushion cover. Now the problem is my sewing machine has a red bobbin at the moment & I'm not sure how to change it...... you see me & bobbins don't get on, when I was young my mum used to let us use her sewing machine & I used to always get the bobbin all knotted up. When I left home I brought a 1960's singer & I had the same problem, Dad was so fed up of collecting it, mum mending it & him bring it back only to do the same thing a few months later that it now lives at mum's. The new machine is supposed to be easy but I to scared just in case I mess it up!!!!!

Thought I would try to make my plant stand look a little better.....

I've just chucked some small plants on until I can find the ones I want...... not sure what they've called but I'll know them when I see them. OH hates it, it reminds him of his childhood....his Auntie had one but I think it's his fault for being so old...LOL!!!!
Sal did a great post about Otto retro, hope you all saw it.

Do you like the union jack flag I found????

Is anyone else collecting this magazine?????

Issue 2 is now out...... unfortunately I haven't had any spare time to sit & read it cover to cover but it looks really good. Every year I plan not to plant too much because I don't have the time to look after it but I always get carried away.

This is my salad bar last July....just look at that sun. My dad made me this to try & stop the cats from getting in (it's waist height)..... I think you know why..LOL!!

I've just enjoyed some lovely curly kale from the garden..... I thought it had died but it's come back with a vengeance....yummy!!! I also have loads of spinach so I'll be eating something with spinach for dinner next week. Can't wait to get growing again..... so rewarding.

My goodness it's nearly 3pm.... that can only mean one thing..... tea & cake....must dash!!!


  1. I loved Otto Retro..the guy in there was very accommodating too.I told him my blog name and he wrote it down so he could look!!;-)
    They are moving this weekend..but only a few doors down, he said.
    Did you watch their youtube videos?

    I love your plant stand!!

  2. Hiya, do they just not grow or do you end up with the caterpillars in them? I'm not sure if we'll grow any either for that reason. Besides, frozen peas are actually pretty good. I tend to grow things that are rubbish and/or expensive in the shops, like tomatoes, courgettes, butternut squash etc.

  3. Butternut squashes are fab, they are my fav veg and you can keep them for months, they store brilliantly.

    For potatoes, we have just got a half full compost bag and planted some in those, they've turned out just fine. You can also use old dustbins to grow them. Do you use freecycle, lots of people have been listing seed potatoes. You get more than you need you see, we got ours from the neighbours.

  4. Mel sent you some lovely things, that fabric is gorgeous! Good luck with the cushion, if the sewing machine is too evil (IMO they all are!!!) then you could do it by hand... it's not THAT hard honest ;)

    Love the little union flag, it looks so sweet in the plantpot.

    Mel xxx

  5. Hi Joe!

    Hope yopu got my email thank you for the very kind of you....I'm going to eat the bunny at work tomorrow...uugghhhh work..oh dear, still not got my head round not being at home!

    The bag is such a fab size...enjoy!xxxx

    P.S...I have a fear of bobbins, I get Olly to do it...LOL!

  6. hiya, just reading your post about the bobbin. You'll kick yourself, it's so so easy to do! What make is your new machine? Have you tried searching on you tube for a video?

  7. Hi
    Just popped in from Sal's Snippets and am admiring your plant stand and wishing we had the equivalent of Otto retro here! Also interested in the Brownies debate as my daughter has been to her first meeting and is due to join after Easter. Nice to meet you and love your blog.
    Love Salx

  8. Hi Joe,
    Good luck in the old smoke tomorrow. Can't believe the bad timing of the Cath K offer either as it's only last Wednesday that I went shopping there. I am taking Harry to London Zoo with his grandmother tomorrow. Thanks v much for the offer of the voucher but we fly to Antigua on Saturday morning so not much Easter shopping for me (except duty free!) I like your plant stand by the way, and thought the price quite reasonable. If you love it and are still thinking about it, its only right to buy it - as you did!
    Have a great Easter.
    Hen x

  9. That was a busy post, lot's going on for you.

    Hope you have a great week,

    Victoria xx

  10. That fabric is gorgeous, and Mel's lovely to have sent it. I can't wait to see a cushion made out of it. x