Sunday, 27 February 2011


Hello...... Hope you've all enjoyed your half term.

Yet again another week has flown by...... it's been an odd week for me. My trip to Cardiff was very long due to the travelling. Unfortunately I didn't get do to any shopping :( I passed loads of good shops but I only had 15 mins before the meeting started. I was then told it would finish at 3pm..... yippee, I could fit in loads of shopping!!! But there's always one smart arse that asks loads of question at the end.... you know the sort of person I mean? .... I'm sat there thinking 'just shut up' but no it's one question after another & before we knew it it was nearly 5pm!!! No time to do anything before my parents collected me :(

My mum sent me this picture via email

Jane Seabrook

Great isn't it? It sums me up very well!

I do find it really hard to get going sometimes so I sit & do nothing! 
Then I worry about everything I need to do & end up rushing around. I sometimes feel like I'm plate spinning...... what with a very full time job, housework, selling my makes, making things & Make, Do and Mend..... it all gets to much!
I guess that's what it's like being a women!!!! Thank goodness I don't have any children!

 I do like the look of the little fella in the cute :)

This is what I've made this week....

I better pack for Make, Do and Mend on Tuesday night.... I'm working tomorrow so I want to get organised tonight.... although I've only been home from work for a couple of hours!!
It's going to be a busy one this month as I've had 26 people confirm attendance.... gulp!! That's a lot of people.... I hope they don't all want to learn crochet!

Back soon, have a good week 


  1. How funny I have that picture saved on my computer and I was going to use it until I read your post.
    You have been busy and made some lovely things. Good luck for Make Do and Mend on Tuesday.x

  2. good luck I am sure it will be great!

  3. I know how you feel, sometimes I say my trolly is full, which is basicly the same as spinning plates. Hope you get everything done, & that your makeing group go's well, wish I loved closer so I could come along.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. I do often wonder how you manage to do it all - you always seem to be on the go or making or creating something marvellous. Just make sure that you don't over do it!

    Hope it goes well tonight, I'm secretly disappointed that I won't be joining you (but don't tell Mike, he might take it personally!)