Saturday, 20 March 2010

Kitchen clear out

Here are my kitchen shelves at the beginning of the week.......messy eh?
I've been dumping stuff on here for weeks knowing I was going to sort them out on my holiday.
I hate doing it as it takes for ever & my collection has grown since I moved in........I need more shelves!!!
You can read about the last time I did it here....whoops how long ago???


I found some cup hooks to display the mugs to try & free up space but it didn't work.

Spot my Homemaker china??

More about that another day.

After completing this mammoth task I realised I'd forgotten my EB mugs......oh no.....I'll have to slip them in somewhere. I've had to take loads off & hide it in cupboards.....OH hates my collections!!!

Just to remind you Show & Tell Sunday will be Sunday 4th April.....Easter Sunday.

The topic will be your favourite photo or picture & why.
I watched a TV programme about this & thought it was really interesting how everyone's taste varies.

It's ok you can have more then one!!!!

Back to work on Monday.......groan!!!
I didn't make my millions at the races so back to normal.


  1. I love all your nick nacks, they are just my cup of tea, especially the cornishware.
    My trouble is I dont have any shelves so most of my pretty china is in a box in my pantry.

  2. Lovely collections! And I like your bunting - it looks knitted?

  3. lovely, very tidy and orderly. :) xxxx

  4. You worked so hard!! Doesn't it look lovely though!! Well done!!

  5. Lovely colourful shelves, Joe!!
    Hope your weekend is going well ;-)

  6. I do love your home Josie, so pretty....xx

  7. Love your open shelves Joe - especially with the bunting across - fab.

  8. The shelves look great! Funny Victoria and I were talking about how we make more mess when we know we are going to clean, so we feel more of a sense of achievment!!! How silly is that!
    Great topic for show and tell xxx

  9. Shelves look very tidy - some great collections on there.

    Did you knit the bunting?

    Off to think about photos!

  10. lovely things, and they look great all organised into collections. Have a great idea for show and tell - am looking forward to that!

  11. I love your shelves, messy or not! A feast for the eyes! suzie xxx