Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's day.... all you mummy's out deserve a restful day!

A week of my holiday as gone already so here's a quick catch up.

The highlight of the week had to be......

(Picture from the BBC news site)

I didn't get to meet her or Philip but me & OH headed to the train station in the hope she would be coming in on the royal train. We stopped & had breakie on the way......OH did NOT want to see her but the idea of him waiting in the pub while I went with all the other 'saddo's' was too good to miss.

We arrived at the station with minutes to spare, the car pulled away from the crowds & I was stood on my own, it headed towards me & started waving......and the best bit was they waved back!!!

Now I know they were thinking...
'god look at that sad women all alone waving like a nutter' ...
but hey it's the thought that I saw the Queen & the Queen saw me!!!!!

On Monday I met up with this little fella.....

His name is Samuel & it's the first time we've met since he was born in November....his mummy is my good friend Teresa, they live in Lincoln so I don't get to see them much so it was a lovely surprise when they called into Exeter on their way to visit family. We had a lovely afternoon in coffee shops in the sunshine. We've met for the last 2 years in London, we went to the zoo last what to do this year??? I hope Innocent smoothies have their village fete again, that was so good.

On Wednesday I visited Stover Pack near Newton Abbot, have you heard of it?
No.... me neither but I must say it was beautiful, I spent about an hour walking in the warm spring sun with my parents & their 3 dogs...

Beautiful eh?
We then headed off for a carvery.....that was an early Mother's day treat. My mum hates the fact it's a day for people to make money so we never eat out on the day. She was happy we got to spend some time together & liked her bunch of Daff's I brought her. As I can't drive it's hard to see them unless they come to me, also I work funny hours so I haven't seen them since Christmas, it's more about time then fancy gifts.

Now one last photo.....

On Friday I re potted my plants as they haven't been done for 2 years. My Peace Lilly was looking ok but on closer inspection I noticed the plant had split & the roots were just sitting on the didn't look good :(
On the Internet it said they like to be over crowed, well this pot was far to big for that why they tried to escape???
So I split it into 7 that right???? I'm in a panic now because they looked really healthy on the day but some of the leaves are starting to flop & have gone soft......not sure that makes sense. Has anyone else done this before?
I hope I haven't killed it because I've had it for about 5 years. It never flowered until I moved to this house & I often think it must have been really unhappy in the last house..........please help!!!!

I've updated the Make, Do and Mend blog with photo's of the last meeting....... that Black Box studio is very black...hahaha!!
Go take a look.


  1. Happy Mothers Day!
    I bet you made the Queen's day giving her a wave! ha ha
    What a cutie! I love little boys! The are always so cute!!!!
    Can't help with the plants sorry .....I'm usless!!!

  2. Happy Mothers Day to you!! Did you feel that the Queen was looking directly at you?? I did when I saw her her!! it's quite thrilling, isn't it?

  3. Glad you saw the Queen (and she waved). I saw her years ago in London & she went by in the fab royal carriage! x

  4. Hi Joe
    Thanks for the invite to join the craft fair. Sadly it clashes with my next Open House so I won't be able to make it, sorry. Hope it's a success and let me know if you want any help publicising it, good avertising is the key!

  5. Stover Park is gorgeous isn't it! We love it there. Fancy you getting the Queen to wave at you - now that's what I call power. Sounds like you had a great day with your folks - and the little man - he's just gorgeous! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday