Friday, 12 March 2010

Holiday & Family.....

Well I finally finished him, what do you think??

None of you guessed this was what I was knitting with red & blue wool!!! The only problem is.......I now have other people wanting him & I've been asked to knit some of the other characters.

I made him for my nephew Matthew who celebrated his 1st birthday on Friday.

He loves him!!! I can't believe how fast the year has gone & how much he's can see him here just after he was born.

Unfortunately he had to cancel his birthday party as he had slap cheek....what's all that about????
I saw him just before he went to the walk in centre so I've been really worried I might pass it on. My good friend Charlie (Liv's mum) has just found out she's pregnant .....after 6 years of trying!!!!!.....I'm hoping she doesn't get it.

My mum sent this photo of Matthew & Bracken (my niece).
Now what do you do if you have 2 little ones for lunch but don't have a high chair???

You put them in a storage box!!!!!

This photo made my chuckle......... I thought they both looked really cute......omg what's happening to me???? Finding babies cute????? I think I need to lay down!

I've been on holiday this week & it's been lovely!
I've waited 5 months for these 2 weeks been a very long winter!
The weather has been brilliant but I haven't done very much...... I'll be back soon to let you know how I've been spending (wasting!) my time.


  1. They are cute!!! Love your Iggle Piggle (is that his name?)
    I hate the night garden! It freaks me out that ups a daisy is scary!
    Still the kids seem to love it!
    Love the makeshift high chair how funny!!!
    Enjoy your time off work! I can't wait for my next lot of time off!

  2. I love him, even though I don't know the character, due to children grown up now! I love the photo of the little ones eating! So cute. Suzie xxx

  3. That is cute - even if I don't know who it is!!! My kids are around 30!! Your darling nephew loves him!!! Now slap cheek - that I do remember!! then there's foot, hand and mouth disease!!!! Where do they get the names from!!! Love the 'highchair' very creative!!!!

  4. Ah, they do look very sweet. Amelia would adore your Iggle Piggle - although she doesn't watch the programme she's got books and mags with the characters in which she loves! You certainly picked the right week to have off of work, it's be gorgeous, if a bit cold - definitely sounds like you needed to spend a week relaxing though - after working all that time sounds like it was well deserved.

  5. You have such patience knitting! I admire you, I think everything I'd make would be filthy, I guess you shouldn't really try to eat chocolate biscuits whilst knitting! Hee hee.
    He is adorable though, and Iggle Piggle isn't bad either LOL. XXX

  6. Your Iggle Piggle looks fab, well done, have you been asked to knit the Pontipines yet ;0) Don'tknow spelling, but there are hundreds of thos in the programme, Ohooo and the tombly boos. My favourite is oopsy daisy, Ohoo you have to make her, she is cute :0)

    i am so pleased you are enjoying your holiday, well deserved and sounds like you are enjoying it.

    Have a lovely weekend


  7. Sooo cute!!!!! My nephew would love that too.

    Victoria xx