Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Which one?????

This is my latest project.......... I've been looking for a good craft fair in the Exeter area but couldn't find one so..................I'm doing my own!!!!!
This is what I've been doing in my holiday....as well as watching the horses!!!

Now which poster/flyer shall we use......

My friend did these for me.....good eh?

She had 5 for me to look at but now I'm confused........I've got it down to these 2 but which one.

Please help us as you're the kind of people we want to attract :)

Back soon


  1. Hi Joe.
    i like the purple one more as it stands out. like if its posted on a noticeboard full of white paper it'll catch peoples eye xxxx

  2. I like ti birdie one best!

  3. The purple one! Love it! ;-)

  4. I love the purple one best, it's gorgeous!! But my ancient eyes can read the lighter one more easily!!

  5. Purple, definitely, reminds me of my fave eiderdown!

  6. I think the second one is easier to read than the purple one! :)

  7. I like the second one, the creamy yellow one. Sorry lol everyone else seems to like the purple!
    I have heard that black(dark colours) on yellow is the easiest text for eyes to read.
    Only one problem with it though, it is too far away for me to come to! ;-) xxx

  8. Just to confuse things further I think the text on the cream one stands out better and is easier to read, although I do like the birds on the other one too! xx

  9. I like the second one! Sorry to add to your confusion! I love the buttons and feel it looks more cosy! Also the writing stands out more and it has more images to refer to crafty! (think its the buttons that do that though!) They are both lovely though! suzie xxx

  10. Normally I'd automatically go for purple as it's my favourite colour... however I think it's easier to read the text on the cream poster so that one gets my vote :)

  11. I think the second one! Looks like you have a split jury! I like the buttons and it is far easier to read xxx
    Wy don't you aske her to make the cream with birdies? That would please everyone :)

  12. Hi hun....I'm liking the cream one hun!
    I wish I lived closer I would love to have a stall...
    Hope it goes well for you x
    Karen x x x

  13. They are both really lovely but I much prefer the yellow one.

  14. Hi Both are great but I reckon the purple one
    Best wishes with it

  15. 2nd one for me it is much easier to read and I am not a big fan of purple, pink on the other hand!

    Vanessa x

  16. I like them both but the cream one is the easiest for me to read. Wish I wasn't too far away to join in!

  17. My vote goes to the second one!

    Victoria xx

  18. cream/yellow one gets my vote too - I do think it's easier to read, and the text stands out more, which means that if people are just glimpsing the poster as they walk past, they're more likely to notice it. They are both lovely though. I'll be adding that date to my diary, as well as the Make do and mend dates! Haven't you had a busy year this year - you've achieved so much!

  19. I like the button one hun...they are both fab tho, but the button one is so much more vintage looking!xxx

  20. thankyou for the kind comment you just left, and a HUGE thankyou for the photos of your kitchen- it makes me feel positively minimalist!
    The photos of other people's homes are so beautifully restrained (and unattainable for me!)so it was a relief to see a kindred spirit!
    Will be back

  21. Although I love purple, I prefer the cream one!

    Shirl x