Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy Patrick's day....

What plans do you have?
I read on Twitter this morning that St Patrick's day was an excuse for English people to drink & get drunk mid week!!!!

What to do today????
I go out every year, to pubs, see bands can read last years post here. It's getting really boring now because no one celebrates it in my area.....the pubs aren't even offering cheap drinks. So the question is should I stay at home & do the gardening or try & party on my own????

Cheltenham update:
All my horses lost yesterday :(...........
However we did go to the pub & did a sweep stake for each race, I won 3 out of 4 which was £30.....yippee!!!!!
I did feel really bad so ended up buying a couple of rounds....... didn't have much to take home.
Today is another day.......fingers cross I win so I won't have to go back to work on Monday!


  1. Hi
    We love it at Stover park too, I first discovered it helping on my daughters school trip !
    Have a great day, not so bright here today - never mind ey
    Best wishes
    Sue x

  2. I forgot to put a few bets on....dammit!

    You enjoy St P_ats day, so what if your not Irish!

    We are going to my Parents for dinner tonight, cabbage and bacon....of course potatoes...staple diet....have to admit its one of my fave meals!xxx

  3. Happy St Patricks day to you!! i don't celebrate as I have no Irish in my family!!! I've only just stopped giggling about your anonymous comment!! It really tickled me!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

  4. Happy St.Patrick's Day too, I have that image on a vintage postcard

  5. Happy St Patricks Day!!

    Luckily around London there's loads of celebrations going on although I'm not joining in this evening!

    Hope you find somewhere to have a drink of guinness or two!

    Victoria xx

  6. happy st patrick's day to you too! Saw some people outside The Kings on Exe bridges earlier with little green hats and shamrocks, so I guess there was some celebrating going on there! Hope you've had another good day on the gee-gees!

  7. My husband's just phoned from Copenhagen - he's drinking Irish stout in Denmark tonight! A truly international celebration...

  8. Love your style Hun!!!
    Well I am sat here with the vino! As I mentioned on floss' blog, I am of Irish decent so I have broken my Lenten promise to have a few! I may be able to have a round robin or something on Saturday but too too busy for neddies to distract me mid-week hee hee. xxx

  9. I love paddy's day! I claimed it long ago because Victoria is so up on all the other celebrations! I told her because my name is Irish I'm having it for my own!!!