Sunday, 7 March 2010

Show and Tell Sunday.....

It's here....the first Show & Tell Sunday......What's your favourite spot in your house???



I love my bed :)
Although as you will soon see it has it's down side but it's my room, I don't share this space with OH!!! I love having my own space, I think it's really important......somewhere you can lock yourself away when things go wrong. It's not very tidy but I don't care.......I don't have to feel guilty because no one comes in.

Beside the bed you can normally find this....

My towel box that I made years ago......(full of shoes now)

ooohhh look at that messy red tin (to the right) it's my coke a cola tin stool that I had for Christmas about 30 years ago.....hahahaha.....I hate throwing things away.

My lovely lampshade that Mel Mel sent me...

Did you spot Mrs Mouse on the shelf?? She was my favourite toy as a child.

The view from my window........

ok so it's not rolling hills but I don't care......I love next doors garden, he works so
I prefer to lay in bed & watch him!!!!!

Now the naughty bit.....

OMG....just look at these shelves!!!! I thought I'd show you because my house is NOT a show home & I don't believe anyone has a perfect house in I'm being brave & showing you my mess!!!!
When I moved in 2 1/2 years ago I put all my boxes here so I could go though them slowly. Since then OH has not been happy here & wants to move...(as you know) I haven't bothered, it'll saving packing if I we do go....hahaha.
However now I've seen this I may try & sort it out.

A picture of my bed wouldn't be complete without a pussy cat.....

I love looking at this photo from the summer.......

Roses from my garden......summer?...... I remember that.

I'm off to look for your Show & Tell's.



  1. I agree with you, i'm sure no one here in blog land has a perfect home, I certainly don't. I just move things to take piccies lol.
    How lovely to have your own little room.

    Hope you've had a good weekend

    Beki xxx

  2. I confess I might have cleared some of MrVV's stuff off the dresser before I took my picture *blush*.

    Love the honesty of your post.

  3. My house is perfect! not! ha ah my wardrobe is lovely but the spare room is awful (but pretty underneath the junk being stored there!) It's next on my to do list though!
    Your room looks very cosy! love the lampshade. It's like your background!

  4. Hi Joe,

    Sorry I've not had a chance to put a post together for Show & Tell today as I'm still trying to piece the flat together!!

    Your bedroom looks so cosy and I love your light shade! That's my latest mission - lighting!

    Victoria x

  5. Really enjoyed seeing your pics hun! I will have to do Show and Tell Sunday (plus 24 hours) or something, I'm so sorry! We have so many clutter zones in our place :-S

    Mel xxx

  6. I admit to removing a layer of dust before taking my pics. And making the bed, which I don't normally do!

  7. Thank you for showing us your lovely cosy bedroom (your bed looks really comfy)!! It was great to see your home!!

  8. You have a lovely bed! Love the polka dot lightshade. As for real, you have a home just like most of us, maybe not perfect, but loved and cosy! suzie. xxx

  9. Thank you for being honest enough to show your shelves as they really are! We have one dreadful room in the house that is much worse, it's the room where I put everything I'm tidying away that I can't find a place for!
    Love that photo of the roses and summer - it looks a little bit misty, like a summer morning, even though the clock says it's afternoon! xx

  10. really enjoyed seeing your pictures - love that flower fairy decorated box. Am so with you, I don't believe anyone has a perfect home (unless they also have a compulsive disorder!) My friend always jokes that although my house looks neat (this was pre-children, you've seen the photos and the messes now), you could guarantee that any cupboard you opened would be full to bursting with stuff tumbling out, same with drawers, and it's so true. No-one in our house opens a cupboard door without ducking to avoid potential falling objects!! Will have to catch up with doing a show and tell post of my own soon - days are flying by so fast at the moment!

  11. Hi Joe, I've been back blogging for a few weeks now. I'm sure I was following you before, but I wasn't getting your posts for some reason. All sorted now. Love the Show and Tell. SueXX