Sunday, 7 June 2009

What a difference a day makes

This was the view on my way home today......

A very different day from yesterday when I woke to dark cloudy skies & decided not to walk the 2 miles to work just in case it rained. So I set off to get the bus & just as I was about to leave the sky lite up.... it must be my eyes I thought but by the time I got to the gate the thunder came & also the rain :(

I hate thunder, always have done, so I ran back inside as fast as I could. I tried to leave again about 10 mins later & the same thing happened... so I waited for another 15 mins... no more thunder... ah it must be over. So OH got dressed to walk me to the bus stop, just in case, when we got outside there was the loudest thunder I've ever heard.... even OH jumped!! The ground shock & by that time I'd really had enough & was rather upset.

I called work & was told not to come in til it had passed...... big girl :(

It's hard to believe how different today was.

I love this bridge in the city wall & would love to walk over it but it's been closed for years.....

Weeks ago Floss tagged me to list 7 things about myself, I'm trying really hard to think of 7 things as I listed 25 things a while ago which you can see here. Sorry a bit of a cop out.

Now if you haven't read it before don't be put off, I'm not a cider drinking yob... I promise!!!

I've also been tagged by Rose to list 6 thing I love..

You need to follow these rules:
1. Pick 6 unimportant things you love
2. Mention & link to the person who tagged you
3. Tag 6 of your favourite bloggers to play along ( I'm not going to do this but if you want to give it a go feel free)

So here are mine....

1. The smell of pubs... weird I know but when I was little my dad used to go to the pub once a week on a Sunday evening. He would have a few then come home to help with bath time etc. I remember sitting on his knee in nice clean PJ's watching dad's army!! Every time I smell pubs on people it takes me back to those time.

2. Spending warm summer days indoors..... Think that's a Smith's song!!! I like the fact I should be outside but I'm not!

3. Afternoon naps... don't need to explain that one!

4. Neatly folded linens.... I've been known to refold things if they're not done to my standards.

5. Wool.... and lots of it!!!

6. Clean sheets.... not that unimportant!

Phew glad that's over, I've been thinking about that for days but couldn't think of anything I love which is silly because I love loads!!

I watched this on Thursday........

Not as good as I thought, glad I didn't pay £10. I loved the book because it was written through children's eyes but the film was different. The ending was good but a bit OTT compared to the book.

I would recommend it, hire it don't buy it but do read the book as it's loads better.

I taught my friend how to crochet on Friday, it went really well. She's been asking me for months now & I wasn't sure if I could do it but on Friday we met in Starbucks at 8am, I've never crocheted in public before so I felt a bit odd!! We stayed for 45 mins & she completed a flower..... next week we're aiming for the second row of petals!!!

In 3 weeks time I'm teaching the Brownies how to crochet...... I've been asked to take the session which is a bit worrying...... any ideas what they can make??

Hope you've all had a good weekend.

Back soon


  1. I arrived home, soaked right through. I have never seen Exeter so wet!

    Just as well it was this weekend and not next as it's the craft fair on the Cathedral Green, Friday and Saturday!!

    BTW I eventually got to see a 'GENIUS' at the Apple store. He was brilliant. (I want his t shirt!)

  2. The smell of pubs would be on top of my list. It reminds me of being a little girl when my Dad would take days off work in the holidays and take me out. We always ended up in a pub garden, me with a glass of coke and a packet of crisps. We have a conservative club near us and every time I walk past, the smell takes me right back.
    Beki xxx

  3. I've heard a lot about this film, I'll have to see if I can get it from the library.

    Victoria xx

  4. Beautiful photos and I loved your lists - thanks! Now we know a LOT more about you! It's weird writing a list about yourself, isn't it? Your thunder must have been very dramatic. Thanks for a bit of Exeter nostalgia.

  5. Hey Josie

    I didn't hear the thunder! Have you always been scared of it since you were a child? Or has it got worse being an adult? Just wondering as i never used to be squeamish of blood but nowadays i can't even watch my blood being taken from a needle or stuff on t.v. Weird huh! Hope you are well x (p.s i also love spending sunny days indoors :o)

    pps. just looking at the word verification below where i need to confirm this comment, ha ha ha it says 'squiti' !

  6. Yuck, I too hate thunder. Wish Id been in Starbucks - you could have taught me to crochet too!
    Shame I missed you at the fair. We were in and out due to the drive and yes the journey was dreadful! Sat Nav took us off at Cribbs Causeway and all through Bristol which was just as bad.

  7. the thunder was awful wasn't it - I thought the kids would be really scared but amazingly they both slept late and stayed asleep right through it - I was the only one awake as Mike (having not set the alarm last week when I needed it - remember?) set his alarm this week, when there was no need to get up. Grumpy ? Me ? Just a bit! But since he'd got up with Amelia in the night I couldn't complain toooooo much. Love that view of the cathedral - I used to work in the building right behind where you must have been standing - manys the afternoon I've whiled away the hours staring out at that view!!

  8. It's lashing down here but no thunder! I love the photo of the little bridge, it reminds me a little of one we saw in Barcelona :)