Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hooray for holidays ....again!!!

Hope you've all had a good weekend....mine was very busy & I think this week will be just the same.

The above pictures were taken by a professional photographer...... can't you tell???...lol!!!

She's a friend of mine & offered to do these free of charge..... look great don't they??

When she emailed them to me I couldn't believe that I made them...... I would love to be able to afford to have all my things photographed by her but sadly funds don't allow.

Back to normal.......

These photo's are really bad....sorry..... I forgot to take a photo to show you so ended up taking theses at work a few minutes before wrapping them up.

They're Penny's birthday gifts.

I was pleased with the slide & already I've been asked to make some more.

So Friday night saw us head to the pub to celebrate Penny's special day, the pub she choose has a lovely big garden right beside the old city wall...... it's a great pub but one of the most expensive in town, I don't think the service is up to much either but the chips are great!!!!

Saturday saw yet another early start at work for the final day..... I love the last day feeling but hate sorting out last minute things & leaving handovers etc. I also had lots of staffing issues that meant sitting down & telling people off....hate that :(

I was supposed to finish at 4.30 but ended up leaving late as always ..... I ran to the craft fair.....
No photo's you'll be pleased to hear!!!

See Sal's post for some great photo's.

I didn't buy anything & was a bit disappointed, I did like the berets & the Russian doll corsages but I thought the lady was rude....... I said hello as I walked into her tent but she looked at me as if I was crazy...... none of my hard earned money for you Mrs!!!

Then it was a dash to my friends to get changed & then off we went to here.......

To see The Beat......

How was it????? FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

It wasn't very busy which was a shame but once they came on we realized it was a good thing as there was loads of room to dance!!!

I went with my friend Charlie....(Liv's mum)..... we've known it each for about 25 years so it was just like the old school disco days!!! I did say I wasn't going to dance as I'm too old & a little bit too tubby but once they started you couldn't sit still!!!!

I did get home early which for us oldies is a good thing, I was worn out for working since before 8am, standing all day, rushing about & then finishing it off with 2 hours of dancing to ska music.... result Pat Butcher feet....lol!!!!

Out again all day Sunday so I was glad of the rest yesterday & had a really lazy day..... didn't enjoy the storm in the afternoon........ & the rain....well that was something else, my kitchen got a bit wet as I'd left the back door open..... fool!!!
I've been asked to have a stall at Liv's school fete.....aaarrrr..... not sure I'm ready for that!!!
I've been thinking about doing it for at least a year but I'm happy just to think about it!!!
They asked how much stock I had ........ NONE!!! so with just 4 weeks to go I better get moving!!
I also have to make another 10 corsage for a local shop before I go back to work next week.

Yesterday was a list day..... I love making lists..... getting myself sorted, ordering things I need etc ...and today??? I just need to get on with it before the week rushes by.

Birthday challenge update: Not great, I've been up & down so much that I'm now back to the weight I was when I started...... so much for dancing to keep you fit!!!
Back soon


  1. I thought that those Russian doll corsages were ridiculously expensive.
    In fact, I thought a lot of it was very pricey.
    I went again on Saturday! Nich dragged me to see the Punch and Judy show!
    Sadly,the 'religious' stuff on the stage was drowning out everything else at one point and there were a few grumbles to be heard!

    The Quay was really quiet...we walked down there to get away from the crowds! It was lovely.

  2. Wow - those professional photos are really good! How lovely to see your creations so well presented. I hope all the craft work goes well - it should be fun.

  3. your professional photos really do look great :-)
    I always struggle with my own photos... there are so many settings on the camera and I have no idea how to use it properly, so always end up blurred!

    sounds like you have been really busy!

    Rose XXX

  4. those photos are fab!

    Came into town for lunch on saturday but couldn't face the craft fair with both kids - too demanding! Glad I didn't miss that much!

    Have a great week off - wasn't the storm yesterday terrible. So glad it stopped before the school run though!

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  6. your makes look just gorgeous.

    i like lists too,you cant beat a good list