Thursday, 11 June 2009

Just popping in

Hello everyone,

Just popping in to say I'm still about, sorry I haven't been leaving many comments of late but I'm still checking in now & again. I've found some new games on Facebook & I just can't stop myself....somebody please help!!!!

I've also been making birthday presents all week.... in between playing games..... why do I have so many birthdays close together???

It's a busy weekend for me.... tomorrow is Penny's birthday, some of you met Penny at the fair. She's having a party in a local pub... yes it is a big one but I won't say which one!!!

So It's off to work at 7am then straight to the party.

On Saturday I'm going to see these oldies.....

Remember them????

I used to really like them when I was young but never saw them live until about 2 years ago when I managed to get in on the guest list. I thought they were great & ended up at the front most of the night!!

I also have to fit in the craft fair on Saturday at some point plus getting any bits & pieces needed in town as I won't be in the city centre again for a week......why????

Hurray for holidays!!!!

Yes that's right I'm on holiday......AGAIN!!

I have to take a weeks holiday every 6 weeks due to stress levels.... not sure why... it's not like I'm saving lives or anything but I was signed off due to stress 2 years ago & I never want to go there again.

May be it's the fact I work with 2 male managers who think it's ok for me to do all the work!!

Hope to be back on Sunday with some photo's of my presents & maybe some of the gig if I don't have too much cider...hehehe!!

Have a great weekend


  1. Nice to hear from you! I hope you enjoy the concert and your total absence from the city centre!

  2. Enjoy the concert - I'm sure you will. It's my birthday too tomorrow - 13th - lucky for some!

  3. enjoy your holiday and the concert and do wish Penny a very happy birthday from me. Hope you have a great time at the pub!!

  4. hope you have a great time XX

    ps - have you found bejewelled blitz yet?! ADDICTED!!

  5. Hello sweetie, how is your week going?
    Sorry I wa slate getting back to via email, the pooter packed up, all ok now tho!

    I'm doing ok...this week is the week.....took my Mum out today as she has not left the house in an age....did her good, I found some vintage style ABC cards which I have now put round my house spelling out different words, its keeping my happyish, so thats a good thing...

    your a cool friend, just wanted to say thank you for that...xx

  6. yay for a holiday!
    And thanks for stopping by!!

    Love Sam xx