Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Fab day out & the end of my time off

Hello everyone, hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather we're having.....why wasn't it like this last week????

However I do think it may be a little bit too warm today.... I was up nice & early to do my house work before it got too hot but I can't even go in the garden this afternoon without roasting...... I don't do sunshine!!!!
I need to sort out a sheltered spot for next year but then who's to say we'll have a good summer next year!

I'm a little bit behind with my blog so first up thanks to everyone one who left a comment on my last post..... it was great to meet so many new friends through Floss's birthday party..... what a great idea.

On Friday I had a great day out in Totnes with Sal......I'm not used to taking photo's for my blog when out & about so you can read Sal's post here.
It was great to be with a like minded person & not dashing about while OH waits in a near by pub!!!

This is what I brought......

A doormat from Amanda..... it's too thick for my front door but I've found another home

The goodies below ......

I've been looking for the Ladybird Crochet book for a while now so I was very happy. The plate & bowl is for work..... think everyone will know it's mine!!!
Some more red spotty fabric and gift bags for my friend's birthday gifts.
After shopping we spent the afternoon at Sal's beautiful house..... her blog does not do it justice.... the garden is fantastic.... so beautiful..... & her craft room??? Well I'd still be there now!!! I never seen so many goodies, it would take you hours to look at everything.
She very kindly let me take this home....

Thanks for a great day Sal, so nice of you to invite me to yours to have lunch & meet the family.

I showed you theses flowers on Saturday.....

Really beautiful but they didn't last long.... you were right Sal!!!

So it got me thinking........... what do I have in my garden???? Now I'm more into veg then flowers but I managed to pull together this....

I think they look lovely............. lots of cat mint, mint, lavender, jasmine & roses.

Wonder how much that would cost in a shop??

I must tell you a funny story about our parasol..... on Friday after my fab day out I returned home to noticed our large green parasol was missing!!!! I looked around the garden but couldn't see it..... I didn't want to ask OH as he would be angry because he hates living here. All night I sat & pondered where it could have gone, in the morning I had to point it out to OH to ask if he had moved it....NO!!! I was right he was angry, as you all know we've had a few problems since moving here with the terrible children. After we both walked around the garden looking for signs that some one had climbed the gate we gave up.

Later that afternoon I spoke to my neighbour to see if he had seen anything odd...... well yes he had...... the parasol had been lifted by a big gust of wind into the garden behind!!!

It was in a base so the wind must have been very strong..... thankfully it didn't damage anything although it was a shame that none of the horrible kids where!!!

So all that worrying was for nothing....... how silly!!!
It was back to work on Monday.... boy I sometimes wonder how they manage without me..... my tray was full of things that should've been sorted last week!!!!!

I will be back soon to tell you how how my Brownie night went on Tuesday.


  1. What a great post - how nice to go out with a blogging buddy. Love the flowers!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your day..we must do it again and stay longer!!

  3. Ho Jo,

    You got some fab stuff on your day out :-)

    WOW wasn't it hot yesterday!

    Rose XXX

  4. I'm not a great Summer person either! I hide indoors if the sun is shining!!

    Your doormat is lovely and of course I love your red and white spotted things.

    Well done on finding the Ladybird Crochet book.

    Victoria xx

  5. Come on!
    I can just about bear being referred to as Mr Snippets
    Stig of the dump
    NO WAY ;0)

  6. It sounds like you had a fabulous day with Sal. I love the fabric, and what good finds.

  7. Thank you for your help with sending postcards!

    Victoria xx

  8. It does indeed sound like a fab day out. That doormat is far too gorgeous to wipe dirty feet on - I'd need a mat for my doormat!! Love the spotty bits too - that collection is growing. The flowers are lovely - am sure you would pay a fortune for them in a shop. That's amazing about the parasol - goodjob you got it back in the end as they're not cheap. Hope you have a good weekend - it's school fete time here, so we'll be busy with that on Saturday - pray for good weather - last year it tipped down!